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Practice Writing

*Do do do-do dooo! Ring!*

I roll over and clutch my phone angrily to quiet its annoying

alarm. Is it really already time for me to get ready for work? Glancing

at the time, I groan as it is in fact eight o'clock and roll into a

sitting position. Without any thought process I grope around for my

sweatshirt. Even though it's no longer winter, it's chill still seeps

into the basement where my boyfriend and i sleep every night.

Stepping onto the cold floor, I… Continue

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Not a Happily Ever After

Michael turned away trying to hide his tears as he left Sara's grave and

clutched the paper holding her final words in his hand. The lead

detective gave it to him to give to his parents, since her letter was

written for their eyes, but after reading it himself he couldn't bring

himself to let go of it. He blamed himself for Sarah's death, no one

else. He could have saved her, but he turned his back on her, like he

was doing now. Like everyone else did her entire… Continue

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To all of my new friends

Thank you for your friend requests. It definitely brightened my day. I'd just like to ask, what does Staind mean to you? If you seen the band in person, what is it like?

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If it wasn't for Staind...

I probably would have given up on my life. And I'm not joking. The three albums I have (Break the Cycle, Chapter V, and 14 Shades of Grey) are my pride and joy. My father is over in Afghanistan right now and I have no idea where my mother is. I miss them so much. And my sisters priorities are working and hanging out with her friends. I've been homeless since August 2009. I listen to Staind to help me fall asleep at night, even if it's in the woods while its raining. I listen to Staind to wake… Continue

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What Went Wrong?

They say a picture's worth 1,000 words

I say it's worth 1,000 lies

We looked so happy, the three of us

But who would've thought

That everything would go terribly wrong

I remember it all

It looked like you were having a ball

Drank 'till the very last bottle

You would always sway and wobble

I remember everything

Every time you slapped

Every time you choked

Every time I bleed

Every time I plead

"Please mommy stop,

It… Continue

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Class of 2009

Books returned, locker cleaned out, backpack as light as a feather

(thankfully!), I can’t help but to sit and think about these past four

years at Upper Cape Tech with mixed emotions. “It’s not every day you

graduate from high school” adults say. You would think that would be

reason to celebrate, flashing your diploma to the world like a shining

banner, but…I’m not celebrating. At least not yet. Instead I sit here,

thinking about each year of high school. Smiling… Continue

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