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We Got out tickets!!!!

Today we got our tickets for the concert in our home town or Laredo Tx and we cant wait for that day to get here. we now it will be an awesome nite just like that last one in San Antonio last year i know u guys will rock the arena. it was a great turn out we was there from 5:35 till they started selling the tickets at 10:00am. we had 94.9 the works radiostation there playing some Staind songs and others from the other bands that was gonna play that same day it was great and everyone was… Continue

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Staind San Antonio TX November 26 2009...

Some pix from an Awesome Night thanx for the memories guys...…


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Concert in San Antonio...

The concert was Awesome and we could have not had a bad ass night like that without you guys. We saw some of the people from here at the concert but some we missed (sorry) we could not beleave that we was there and finally gonna see the guys live we was very close to the guys it was awesome. and more knowing Aaron rocked the house down like i knew he would wish we could have met the guys but im hopeing they come back this way so we can see them one more time. also from us that shared that night… Continue

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Less than 24 for the fun to start...

We just cant wait... just a few hours and we get to see Staind live for the first time... we are keeping our fingers crossed to get to meet the guys and mabe even get a pick or few lol... i know you guys will rock the house and we cant wait...see you guys tomorrow ...stay sick.... ROCK HARD!!!!

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ONE more day to go...

We have just one more day to wait till we see Staind live!!!! we are counting down till then and we cant wait to see if we get to see u all upclose or even get a signature from the guys... (keeping my fingers crossed) we will see what is instore for us... we cant wait....stay sic...ROCK HARD!!!!!!

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6 days and counting...

We have 6 more days to go and we could not be more excited... i know they will rock the night away i just cant beleave that we are gonna get to see the live for the first time. I've always liked there music and cant wait to see them up close and live. I just wish we had meet and greet tickets but did not have enough $$$ for them but we will be close and im hoping to catch them early... who knows mabe they might sign something for me(keeping fingers crossed hope its my lucky day) well see… Continue

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2 Weeks to go!!!!!NICE!!!!!!

We got 2 more weeks to go till we get to see Staind on the 26 in San Antonio... we cant wait that is all i can think of and im counting the days till then... i really wish i would have been able to meet and greet you all but did not get the chance to i really would have loved to meet a band that the lyrics have helped me in so many ways and got some signatures but im still hoping for the chance on that my space theme so we are keeping our fingers crossed... i know its a long shot but who… Continue

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They're here... they're here!!!!!

Today was a good day at my house. I checked the mail today and guess what i found in there... the Staind concert tickets!!! I me and my girl was all smiles cus now all we had to do was wait... i could not Beleave my ears ... im finally gonna get to see my fav band of all time. I will see u all in San Antonio on Nov 26, 2008. im hopping i get to meet u all cus i did not get to get the vip tickets but ill be there on Wed and we cant wait to finally get to hear ur songs live...LIVE!!!... Nice....… Continue

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Whats the policy on cameras?

Ill be going to my first Staind concert and i would like something to remember that day. I would like to take some pics on the concert but i heared that some do let them in and some dont does anyone know if they will be letting cameras in to the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio on November 26, 2008. i would love to take pix thats part of the fun and even place them here so if anyone knows please answer me thanx

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Finally the day is here...

We finally got our Staind tickets today for the show in San Antonio TX on the 26. i just wish i could know where my seat is i cant find a seating chart for it but oh well. Its a day to remember cus we finally get to see them LIVE!!!!!! its our first time to see them live and i know it will be awsome and i cant wait i just wish i could get them to sign for me :( that is the only thing that is bumming me out but all i can do hope that some how i can get there signiture.... Well guys ill see u all… Continue

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having issues going to chat room

i have not been able to go into the chat room on the fan site i keep getting that username and password thing but no matter what i put in there i cant log in what am i doing wrong anyone thanx

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and the count down has started...

Hey whats up guys me and my girlfriend cant wait to see u all in san antonio i really wanted to get you alls signiture but all the VIPs are sold out so i guess we will just have to settle seeing you all in concert :( i have been hearing your music since Break the cycle wich got me over so many ups and downs and have been addicted to you all since. i have all your cds and cant wait to see u all live (finally).the count down has started and i hope that mabe by some miracle i get you alls… Continue

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