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So far away

Hello everybody, hello Aaron, Mike, Jon, Jonny!I'm Luca from Hungary. I just joined for this site, and I very happy, that this site is changed for this form. (Sorry, if you can't understand anything, my english not perfect) I use to be a member of staindsouls as well.

Okay. I'm 21 years old now, and Staind my "favorite, favorite, favorite..." band, since 7 years. It's begin with "It's Been Awhile". I always saw a beld guy with candles and guitar ...and cigaretts, and I just sitting in… Continue

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The Illusion Of Progress is a masterpiece

Staind has done it again people... they have made another number one album for sure. This CD has it all, hard rockin tracks such as this is it and rainy day parade, to songs on the softer side like tangled up in you, then in the song "the corner" there's a choir singing background vocals. This is the most versatile Staind CD yet, and It has to be right up there among their best. To me every song Staind has made is a hit, but I believe this album will also transcend to listeners who may have… Continue

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New Album

I recieved the new album a few days ago. The songs are amazing, very original. I love the album favorite song is "The Corner".

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Thank You STAIND!!!

I just received my copy of "The Illusion of Progress" in the mail today and i was one of the fortunate few who got a copy that was signed by the band!!! I just wanted to thank Aaron, Mike, Jon and Johnny for taking the time to sign all the albums you did. And also thank you so much for the amazing music. This album is SO GREAT! Definitely ANOTHER step in the right direction. The musicality of this album, i think, is definitely the best that's come from Staind. Thanks again!

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We are only minutes away from the arrival of another great album by one of the greatest bands on the planet. All the tracks I've heard thus far have been dope and i have already preordered the bundle on Itunes and will go to best buy in the morning and cop the disc. Let put the guys back at the top of the billboard charts again with this release. Later.

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I should have done this sooner!!!


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STAIND: Staind's New Album Available Now Staind's new album, The Illusion of Progress, featuring the hit song 'Believe' is available now. Head over to the store to pick up your copy.

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Staind on Cage Rattle Tuesday, August 19th!

Tune in to Cage Rattle on Tuesday, August 19th at 8:00 pm EST for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Staind!

Cage Rattle

For those of you unfamiliar with us, Cage Rattle is a rock music web portal devoted to…


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Growing Up

Down the path of growing up,
I walked through the darkness alone.
Afraid to go farther,
I turn to look where happiness once shown.
The light has turned dim,
Now the future is so bleak.
I look deeper in the trail,
For the answers that I seek.
Locked up in myself,
I dream of the past.
Not sure of what to do,
I try to walk fast.
The darkness swallows me up.
Will the future ever arrive?
Untill it does,
Can I, alone, survive?

Added by Sarah on August 17, 2008 at 5:38pm — 1 Comment


It draws my arms to the ground.
My eyes continuously follow.
I hear nothing,
I feel everything,
Confusion sets in.
My legs carry me as if I were on air.
My mind, a total loss.
I think of leaving.
To where I don't know.
and Thrills.
All think I sound good.
They call to me,
And I to them.
I salute,

Added by Sarah on August 17, 2008 at 5:32pm — 1 Comment

Eternal She

Contridictions of the soul
Neither light nor darkness
Shall claim her whole
She walks the night
She walks the day
And she shall rest
When they BOTH fade

Added by Sarah on August 17, 2008 at 5:28pm — 1 Comment

No Wishing Well

I want to run away

Inside my bright red scream

I want to break the doors

Holding back my dream

Living like this

Checking the skies for rain

A constant reminder

Of this burden and pain

I'm holding on to

A shooting star

Its points cutting my skin

This time it's gone too far

Nothing left to wish on

My bloody star fell

Left me drowning in hopes

Inside my wishing well

Not looking for a… Continue

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Save Me

As I put the razor to my skin,

I feel the adrenalin,

the pain is a sudden rush to me,

as the blood falls to the floor

I see my pain and worries disappearing.

I hide my scars in fear of what you may say,

but without you these scares will not exist.

My love, my life, my reason

I sit here and bleed.

My smiles, my tears,

my heart tares more and more.

You deny your love, I deny my pain.

The pain I feel when your not by my side.

Some… Continue

Added by Dennis on August 16, 2008 at 12:44pm — 1 Comment

illusion of progress

.. is not much of an illusion.

this album very nearly brings tears to my eyes.

i don't even know what i love most.

this is it is such a solid rock song.

believe is easily a good, yet radio-friendly Staind song.

save me almost reminds me of tormented :)

all i want is so catchy i can hardly believe it.

pardon me really stands out as a Staind song to me, the "on the edge of a breakdown" sound is one thing i really… Continue

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The voice that's been silent

all these years

thinks deep thoughts but,

I thought I destroyed

every memory we had.

They were lost long ago,

but they're all coming back.

Your endless nights of pleasure,

as my body laid there,

motionless and powerless.

The endless crying

buried deep within me,

you never heard,

Don't do it again, please,

don't do it again, I'll be good,

your… Continue

Added by Dennis on August 15, 2008 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

Staind on the Radio; Get Free Tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live

Two announcements. First, Staind will be performing an outdoor concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, August 28. If you'd like to attend, please head over to the event page for tickets and more information.

Second, on August 19, Staind are set to release their sixth studio album, The Illusion Of Progress. To get a look behind the making of the new album, Matt Pinfield sat down… Continue

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Loved the show last night. Got there too late to catch Theory of a Deadman put did get a pic with them, post it later. HInder was cool. I wasn't a fan before but I forgot that i loved the closing song Get Stoned which threw the crowd in a frenzy. But the band I came to see came out on stage and fuck all the usual rock star bullshit (HEY BELTON TEXAS!! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!!) they walked to stage and just did it. The guys sounded phenomenal! I'm a Hip-hop head by heart but far and away Staind… Continue

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Last nights concert!

It was epic!

Austin (vocals) from Hinder moved about the stage diligently. She slips while walking up these metal steps and landed on his knees. But, luckily he was saying anything at the moment, or that would have just screwed everything up. In the end, he played it out nicely by not tumbling down dramaticly. Everyone cheered after he raised his hands.


Staind came out onto the stage, but, didnt even acknowledge our existance for the first 3 songs. Then they said… Continue

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Concert Rocked!!

I tell you they just get better and better!! Aaron and the boys rocked the place down last night! I was a little disappointed that the fan club did not get the opportunity to get VIP tickets and meet them, but they put on one hell of a show! Great line up; Hinder and Theory of a Dead Man. Don't get me wrong I could die and go to heaven if I were ever to meet Aaron!! Hey Aaron hurry up and come back to CC, there is someone here thats dying to meet you!!

Added by Benita Ward on August 13, 2008 at 1:16pm — No Comments

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