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My STAIND pics!!

St. Louis, MO...Giving it his all, as usual :)

St. Louis, MO...The man is too awesome!!

St. Louis, MO...what can I say about Aaron...PERFECTION!!


Hammond, IN...Cool pic with the lights behind him.

This… Continue

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My fuckin favorite pic ever!!! Comment please!!!

I fuckin love Aaron Lewis mann!! I'm really proud of this pic I got of him. This was taken in Oklahoma City at the Coca Cola Event Center in summer of 07. I was a lil bummed his eyes were closed but I looked at other people's pics n they're just like mine!! 2 me, it captures the love he has for his music. Am I right!!??!! :) Alright then… Continue

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my favorite staind pictures

April 22, 2006 Lubbock, Texas

October 2008 Lubbock, Texas

November 29, 2008 Amarillo, Texas

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Pics from the EL PASO TX show 11-30-2008

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Staind Pics From Rock On The Range

I was 6 months pregnant when I saw you guys at Rock On The Range but it was all worth it. One of the best concerts I've been too.…



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Rockin' Out at the Fillmore

I saw you guys last night at the Fillmore! I think that was my fourth Staind concert. My first time was Freedom Hill in May 2003 when it only reached 40 degress that day and the concert was outside. You guys remember that one? I stayed til the very last note even though I was freezing my ass off!! You were amazing last night as usual. I thought the set was excellent except I was a little concerned when Aaron played the Bob Seger song especially when he led up to it with "You're either gonna… Continue

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asbury park nj

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All I Want Video Premiere

Hello everyone. Staind's video for All I Want has debuted on MySpace. Make sure to go check it out. We've also got a behind the scenes look at the video shoot that you can check out on the site right now!

Also, keep posting your best photos of Staind on the site to be entered to win a signed copy of The Illusion of Progress. In order for your entry to count, make sure to post your best photos in a blog entry. The blog post with the most… Continue

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Photo w Mushok's Grandma on Stage!!!!!!!

This was taken at Mohegan Sun in 2007. Look to the left of the photo, you can see someones Grandma on the stage, right next to the speakers. She lasted the entire show and had a little head banging going on for a while. I was told it was Mushok's Grandmother, but not sure how true that… Continue

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pics 11.15.08

Asbury Park, NJ on 11.15.08 at Convention Hall. INCREDIBLE show. the sound was amazing & my boyfriend and i both caught a pick from Aaron! best concert of my life. took some good pictures (ones of aaron came out the best)... enjoy staind fans =]…


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The Fillmore in Denver CO Dec 2008

This was taken Dec 2nd in Denver. Their best show yet.

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Last Night. The Filmore =)

Was Awesome =) Come Back Again! Last Night Was My Second Show Of Yours And It Gets Better Everytime. I Wanna Go To A Third! I Love You Guys… Continue

Added by karisa roberts on December 11, 2008 at 11:28am — 2 Comments

Hey guys

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your music. I used your song All I Want for my wedding. It is fantastic. Keep up the great work and keep bringing us awesome albums.

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I am very disappointed about the Detroit show! I thought when I purchased my tickets over a month ago that I would be going to see Papa Roach and Seether with you guys...I just found out that this other band I have never heard of is opening up and both Papa Roach and Seether won't be there! Now I want to sell my tickets because of the false advertising...not that I don't like Staind's music it's just a lot of money right now to be messing around with, wish I would have been notified of the… Continue

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To Staind Please tell me what you think!

To Aaron and the boys here is what your illusion of progress has done for me

This is what 7 years of bad marriage can do and how you have helped me through it!!!

Since you have Staind my life

I am finally able to speak the words that would not come out

from all the feelings of hate and doubt

Like Mudshovel for all my anger and pain

that was bottled up inside making me feel like I was going insane

with all my…

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im tired

im tired of people saying the new album is soft.They obviously arent a true fan iv been a fan since tolerate and ive watched the band grow over the years the new cd shows how aaron is maturing as a songwriter i think its awesome each album tells a story that everyone can relate to i love this band their music is on 24/7 either on my player or in my head so stop all the hating and actually listen to it

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Live Accoustic Album!

Aaron PLEASE take this to heart! We want to see you do a solo accoustic album! We love ALL of STAIND's albums, but having seen you live solo, we would love to see an album! Also we really love the song Novocaine, why hasn't it made it on an album? PLEASE think about it and let people see the different side of Aaron Lewis, in an album!

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Staind @ Times Square

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Staind @ Times Square

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Staind @ Times Square

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