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Concert in San Antonio...

The concert was Awesome and we could have not had a bad ass night like that without you guys. We saw some of the people from here at the concert but some we missed (sorry) we could not beleave that we was there and finally gonna see the guys live we was very close to the guys it was awesome. and more knowing Aaron rocked the house down like i knew he would wish we could have met the guys but im hopeing they come back this way so we can see them one more time. also from us that shared that night… Continue

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Mohegan Sun 2/28/09

Who's going to see Aaron on 2/28 at Mohegan Sun? If you are interested in possibly meeting up for some prepartying...let me know. I'm usually not a planner but thought this is a good and fun way to meet new people...

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ive been listening to staind since i was like 8. my friends dad used to play dysfunction all the time and i loved it. i just had to say something:

i had a best friend who killed himself 2 weeks ago. honestly he was the last person anyone wouldve thought to do it. his name was tommy trimble. we thought he was invincible. he hung himself from a tree in his back yard. and now is the first time in my life that i think i can really relate to a song. i listened to epiphany for the first… Continue

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In my veins

We just couldn't wait anymore so when the Vegas show was announced....we were there!!!! A meet and greet and I was hooked.....took some great pictures and love to share...check this one out.....what a performer Aaron is!! Sucks you right in!

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Staind rocks in St. Augustine

This has to be one of my most favorite shots from the two shows we have to meet all the guys before both but I have to say...they ROCKED St. Augustine!!!

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This is my life:

My life as I know it is shit. But with Staind, I can be strong. Thank you staind, you saved me.

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Staind Concert Review

(Midland Horseshoe Arena - Midland, TX - Nov. 28, 12008)

I've never been a big fan of a 4 band lineup. It always seems like the opening band just pops out long enough to get warmed up and then they're off stage just as quickly as they came out. Plus, you never seem to get to hear enough of the two middle bands to fully appreciate them either. Of course then by the time the headliner comes out, you've just about had all the rock concert you can handle, especially the the headliner… Continue

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I've waited a long time to see Staind play. Great show, defintely worth the wait. St Augustine doesnt get many concerts, so that was really cool. Thanks.

I've waited a long time to see Staind play. Great show, defintely worth the wait. St Augustine doesnt get many concerts, so that was really cool. Thanks.


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Staind Last night

I went to my first Staind concert and ive been to alot of concerts, but i have to say the rocked the house. Everybody were on there feet i knew every song they played arron rocked, johnny and john kicked ass and Mike you were awsome. I hope you guys have a great thanksgiving and i hope to see you guys back in san antonio soon thanks for putting on a badass show you guys inspire me thanks again

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Awesome Concert!! San Antonio, TX

As Usual, Awesome Concert last night. Papa Roach was amazing and Of course Staind Rock the house!! Unfortunately can't say the same for Seether, I was a little disappointed. Aaron I love you. You are always worth seeing. Until next time. Peace!!

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Beetle Juice and Aaron Lewis!

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More @ Hard Rock Times Square


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Staind @ Hard Rock in Times Square!!


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gobble gobble

hello, thanksgiving day. im not a big holiday guy, but watching those discovery channel shows about how the pilgrims survived and everything up till now, im thankful i live in the best country in the world. the show we played in dallas was really somthing. the crowd was unusually receptive. im on the 8th floor of the hotel, i can see the guys gathering around the busses to go to the football game today. im not into sports, id rather sit here and eat eggs benedict... lol. johnny

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Aaron Lewis in Indy 2006

I hope this is not to old of a photo for you. I took this photo in 2006 concert in Indy. My husband, son, his wife and myself went to a concert there. I wasn't sure I would like it because I hadn't heard much about him. My son talked me into going and we all got tickets. I am so glad I went. Aaron Lewis is awesome. He is so into his music it was great. Wish I could have know them sooner.

They are a great group of guys. Good luck in the… Continue

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Staind at Tsongas Arena Lowell MA


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Staind pics live in Indy, Milwaukee, Columbus,Grand Rapids, Lansing, Muskegeon & South Bend July 07-July 08


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caint wait to see the great stained live...

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Happy Thanksgiving from Staind

Hey everyone, head over to Mike's profile to see his Thanksgiving blog to all of you. Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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I wanna...

wish Staind,every member here & their families a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Keep Rockin!
love & hugssssss,Debbie

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