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Staind + Fred Durst + Outside = Best Song Ever

I can remember the day when I first heard Staind combine with Fred Durst to sing Outside live. The acoustics with the guitar were awesome. The ballad just drew me in and I started singing with it. I loved it. Everytime it comes up on my playlist it always puts a smile on my face and draws out my emotions. Keep up the good music!

Brady White

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Essay on Staind

Some days ago in my college I was assigned to prepare interesting essay writing on my favorite music band. Being a fan of "Staind" I chose the topic for my college research paper writing: "Staind: Unique Music". My professor was surprised by this topic - I assured him that I would manage to do a good… Continue

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is the show feb 13 and 14th at the borgata still on

Can someone tell me if aaron is still going to be at the borgata i have like ten people going and i see he will be in verona ny on the 13th can someone clear this up please . if not im going to all of the verona ny shows 11th and 12th and 13th .................???????????????????????????

Added by Danny vasquez on October 23, 2009 at 10:54am — 5 Comments

What emotions...what a concert!!

I saw you in Omaha in October 09 with Creed.

I had forgotten how much your music moved me. My 22 year old son died in January 2009 and so many of your songs remind me of him and that time....it keeps me burning inside....I hear your songs and believe I can reach out and understand his pain...now my pain.....how do you do that...what did you experience to bring your soul to us!

Thank you!

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Awesome Show

Saw your show last week in Nashville and you guys were awesome. You had that place rocking. That was one of the best live shows I have seen. Especially like the opening song you did.

Added by David on October 18, 2009 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

Thank you, Aaron.

I just want to start off by saying how grateful I am to Aaron for making Tuesday night so amazing.

Aaron has got to be one of the most gracious and giving people I've ever met. I got the chance to meet him again on October 13 for the Clemson show. I had met up with my friend Tony and my new friend Amanda earlier, and we were hanging out by the venue when Aaron walked up. He'd recognized the three of us and came by to talk for a minute. He said he was going to a meet and greet, but… Continue

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My name is Joe Haynes SFC, US, Army retired. I grew up with Glen Simpsom. In the little town of Tallula. I just wanted to wish you and Glen the best of luck this weekend. Let the air out of something nice and get it on film. Take care of Glen, he has been my best friend for life. Oh and call him "shithead"I have called him that forever. Maybe some day, the three of us will get the chance to hunt together!?!

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Had the opportunity to see you guys in Tulsa . Hats fucking off! Changed the way I saw your group. Best performance I've ever seen and I wanted to say thanks! If ever back I'll be there! Never realized the rawness of the truth in the lyrics for that I'm sorry. Fan always! Fucking badass!

Added by Daniel Watkins on October 14, 2009 at 11:32pm — 1 Comment

Right Here: First Staind Concert experience...

I have no idea if band members read these blog posts, or if this is simply a way for fans to gather, grinning, and agree on how much we love this music, but either way, I wanted to share a write-up I posted elsewhere (LiveJournal, Facebook) about seeing Staind in Kansas City on October 10th.

If you could fall in love with a voice--seduced by the words that voice is wrapping around--then I am in love with Aaron Lewis'.

Sometime in the winter of 2000/2001, I heard a song. I… Continue

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Saw staind last night October 10th in Kansas City it was amazing, most fun I have had in a while. Ran into Aaron Lewis in the hallway I was so silly couldn't say a word just stared at him in disbelief, lol don't know what I would have said anyways. Show was PERFECT they sounded awsome better live then anything I have ever heard or saw. Just want to thank the band for coming to Kansas City and please come back soon, K.C. loves you, and so many people admire you guys. Once again THANK YOU. Love… Continue

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staind w/ creed

can anyone tell me what happened ? my husband and i bought tickets 4 oct. 17th concert in bossier, la creed w/ staind. now a few days before the concert they are saying its creed w/ saliva? please help!!! we boght the tickets 2 c staind!! y r they not performing ?

Added by nikki leone on October 10, 2009 at 2:15am — 1 Comment

The Better Life Foundation Fundraiser



Custom-Built Motorcycle from Bourget’s Bike Works, Valued at $80,000,

Raffle Draw and an Evening to Benefit Children’s Charities

Tickets Go on Sale via Ticketmaster and Hard Rock Hotel/Biloxi on October 9

Biloxi, MS (October 8, 2009) – Grammy®-nominated, multi-platinum Mississippi rockers 3 Doors Down will return to their home state in a… Continue

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Promise Me

My Friend

You’ve been with me

From the beginning

Of everything

The beginning of you

The beginning of me

You always save me when I’m breaking

And if all we’ve got is time

Forever is not enough

And if this life is for the living

Then I’m never giving up

And as the road divides

That runs off with our lives

Promise me you will never say goodbye

The sound of us laughing

Keeps on going

Like an endless… Continue

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The Voice Of Addiction

Well, it's nice to finally meet you.

I've been waiting for your call.

I've noticed you've been crying,

And, I've watched you pace the halls.

Whatever has been hurting you,

I can make it disappear.

You know you have nothing to lose,

Nothing to live for, nothing to fear.

Thank you, for your invention.

I'll be sure not to leave your side.

We'll become very fast acquainted.

My naive child, there's no use trying to hide.

I… Continue

Added by Dennis on October 7, 2009 at 2:49am — 2 Comments

The Drug (How drugs can impact your life)

Have you ever been tempted?

Have you ever wanted to try?

The things I will say

May cause you to cry.

The things that can happen

If you ever take a drug,

You’ll always be tired

You’ll be slow as a slug.

There are so many illnesses

sure to be caught,

Your lungs,

Your heart and

Your brain Will rot.

If you ever take drugs

You will never turn back,


Wealth and

Looks you surly will… Continue

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Save Me

As I put the razor to my skin,

I feel the adrenalin,

the pain is a sudden rush to me,

as the blood falls to the floor

I see my pain and worries disappearing.

I hide my scars in fear of what you may say,

but without you these scares will not exist.

My love, my life, my reason

I sit here and bleed.

My smiles, my tears,

my heart tares more and more.

You deny your love, I deny my pain.

The pain I feel when your not by my side.

Some… Continue

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Your Smile, Your Touch

Your smile awakens my soul,
As the sun awakens the day.
A kiss and my life is yours,
It seems a fair price to pay.
Your touch arouses my senses,
As the moon arouses the night.
Hold me and win me forever,
In your arms all things are right.
Your heart endures all emotion,
As the sky endures all the stars.
Love me and we'll have eternity,
There is no greater love than ours

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Jon Wysocki


Mark D writing. I am your Mom's godson. Am going to be seeing you in Council Bluff and would love to say hi. Maybe you will get this. Wrote to your mom and dad and have not heard back.


Mark D

Added by Mark Drabik on October 5, 2009 at 7:48pm — No Comments

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