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Staind concert on October 7th, Council Bluffs

Me and my fiance will be attending this concert as our anniversary present to each other. Aaron Lewis has been a major part of our growing relationship. His words of song has helped us through the good times and the bad. Even though we like Creed our lifeline and favorite group is and will always be Staind. We are getting married this year on halloween and the words from Tangled up in You are on the front cover of our wedding program. We love you Aaron and your words help us everyday through… Continue

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Aaron Lewis Announces Solo Tour!





Aaron Lewis, the acclaimed frontman for Atlantic recording group Staind, has unveiled details of the first leg of his upcoming solo acoustic tour, now in its sixth year. The hugely successful tour saw sold-out shows last year, including a stint at the Mohegan Sun, where he sold more than 8000 tickets. The dates will begin on… Continue

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Opening for shows?

Does anyone know who is going to be opening for Staind when they play with Creed? I saw something about Hoobastank but now I can't find any information....All I know is that Staind shouldn't be opening, they should be headlining this show....but I'll take any Staind performance I can get :)

Added by MeganDanae on September 28, 2009 at 5:46am — 3 Comments

Tickets on Sale

Hey everyone...I was wondering if anyone knows when per sale ticket are going to be available for Mohegan Sun on Feb 28, 2010 This is the only time Aaron Lewis is playing in CT for his solo show.
Can anyone help me out and give me the heads up when the per sale is...I get emails but i want to be on top of it.

Thanks Everyone!!

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my big day is monday yahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

im exited to start my apprentice program at halter marine monday night im so exited .

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Unknown country

Hey all !

I really love Staind. It's my favorite band ever. It really helped a lot when I had a clinical depression. The lyrics, I think that every listener can relate to them.

I might even say, that I'm the biggest their fan in my country - Lithuania ( I guess).

It would be totally awesome, if the band would visit my country, because I'm really keen on seeing them live. I try to watch as many live performances as I can on the internet, but you know it's not the… Continue

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Staind Acoustic Show 9/24/09

OMG!! My Best buDdy n i wenT 2 Sherlock's Pub aT 9 something in the morning so that way we could get some good seats up front ;) which we did so yeah that rocked!! Well the people had said that Staind was going to play at 11 but they didn't get there till 1 (Aaron & Mike) that was kool they wanted everyone to have some time to eat their food and then chill n watch the show. Oh my yes my buddy n i started drinkin early i mean come on 2 dollar Miller Lite...who is goin to pass that up? I… Continue

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Thursday September 25th 2009 Staind Concert with Creed

I have to admit I have yet to miss a chance to see Staind. I refused to miss this concert but I have an Exam scheduled for the same day. Since my class is from 4pm-10pm I decided to enlist the help of my best friend. Her name is Amber, she is pregnant and knew she couldn't miss Staind either. So we came up with a plan: She and I will be visiting the ER during the day. I am willing to lie and say that I am severly sick so that I can call my professor from the hospital so he can let me take my… Continue

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hey its jessie i want to thank you guys for the comments !!!! i did join the fan club today thanks jessie

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This Friday- 9/25!

Staind supports our Troops!

Staind and Creed are performing together this week where the USO and have teamed up for the largest live streaming concert event in history. Join thousands of soldiers this Friday on to watch the live concert covered by 242 High Definition cameras! Let us bring the concert to your home or base! Click to reserve your FREE spot today!… Continue

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so, if this is on the solo stop, who is all up for it?! i know it's early to be asking but it's never too early to be planning for a STAiND show/get together. i'm already saving up for an overseas trip come next tour there and/or Atlantic City to meet some of you fine folks ;)

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Many term papers proved that Staind was definitely the most popular music band of their generation. They self-released their debut album, Tormented, in November 1996. Their sophomore album, Dysfunction (release on Elektra Records), was their breakthrough.Staind made their first breakthrough after first having a row with Fred Durst before playing in support of Limp Bizkit in October 1997. Despite the row, Fred Durst was so impressed by… Continue

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all all access passes

my name is jessie .me and my girlfriend drove from anderson sc to atlanta ga at the creed ,staind ,and lo-pro show , on september 12th 2009. at the aarons at lakewood ampitheater it was a awsome night . as always staind stole the show and when she and i got back into town and we then bought tickets for staind , creed at the little john colliseum in october . i have seen staind 10 times and i have never had the oppertunity to get all access passes to meet you guys i have been trying to get all… Continue

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New Orelans arena Sept 19th 2009

Went to the Staind/Creed concert on Sept 19th,2009. The concert was amazing!!! Staind was great but I couldn't figure out why yall didn't play "Believe" That is my favorite song. Thanks for a great concert yall were rocking the house in the Arena. we had awesome seats CLUB, took my boys ages 19 and 18 they loved yall, one of there favorite bands. My neck is still killing me from head banging so much. THANKS FOR A AWESOME CONCERT!!!!! I think Creed and yall make a good ticket, Creed was amazing,… Continue

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To The Band

Hey guys I hope you remeber this but I was the Sailor at the Dallas Cowboys Football Game on 20Sept09 and you guys were cool enough to let me use your bathroom. I just wanted to ask if it would be cool if I could get a signed photo of the band since my 1st class wouldnt let me get a pic with you guys. If you can please message me back so i can give you my info.

God Bless,

HM3 Grammer

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WPB Concert

I took my 15 year old to see Staind. I have been to many concerts and must comment that Staind had the best "live" sound I have heard. Apparently a lot of people were there to see Creed (since they all carried new Creed shirts), but we went only for Staind. I hope they come back to West Palm as the headliner.

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Staind kicked ass

I just seen staind live last night and they stole the show they were wayyy better than creed. They should have definately headlined the show instead of creed. My and my buddy left before creed was even over. Staind owned that stage last night in Lafayette will definately go back to see them live any chance i get

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concert 9/16/09

i just had to say that i just saw them live in west palm beach (im from miami) at the creed comeback tour and WOW i couldnt believe i was there...they were so freakin awesome im still in shock..i cried from how unbelievable he was.. i cant wait to see them by themselves in concert..when they ended their show i was pist! not a creed fan i literally went to see staind and i left. i need to know when they will be on their own tour!! please tour alone soon!! lol

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Damn Aaron Lewis can sing is heart and soul out. I went to the orlando show Tuesday, had great seats and let me tell you it was very cool. My favorite song from them is FOR YOU>>>He sang that song, and for the first time in my life I cried to a song.. His voice just sent my hair standing straight up, and chills ran thru my body. That song is very emotional for me , since I had a horrible childhood with my parents. I know it sound corny, but if you listen to the words and actually hear… Continue

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If anyone would know its Aaron Lewis!!!! I sing for a band when I smoke a lot of cigs and "other" stuff my throat gets too dry to sing!! Does Aaron or anyone know how to overcome this???

Added by Jimmy T on September 16, 2009 at 11:49pm — 3 Comments

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