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Let me start off by saying i am the biggest staind fan ive went to 4 shows in last 3 months ..aaron and the rest of staind are great...im just worried about his voice he works so hard to keep us fans happy but is it at his expense ?? i went to the july 15th show in asbury and he was great and show was great but he needs a break he sounds like he is struggling with high notes and he is pushing it out .to me aaron and staind are the best band ever ...ever id hate to see his voice destroyed… Continue

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Thank you...

I wanna say that you guys are the best. Your songs have meanings to me. Aaron, you have one of the most outstanding voices ever. You give emotion to all songs. I like that. I wish I could see you guys performing live, but I know that will not be possible. I don't have enough money, and that makes me feel sad. But just listening to your songs already makes me feel happy. =) Thank you.

P.S. Forgot to mention this: I'm dsiller87 from MySpace. I've sent you guys a good weekend… Continue

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Aaron you have changed my life.....

Everytime I listen to one of your songs I feel renewed. You seem to have gone down the same path that I have and I feel that everything you sing about I can connect to. I have grown up listening to your music and every album gets closer and closer to my heart. You sing about everything that is happening in my life. There is no other artist that I would rather listen to on a shitty day than you to lift my spirits....I stay away from the sad songs on those days, lol. You speak such truth and I… Continue

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The place worth visiting!


I don't know how much you guys care a places outside the US, but I personally would be more than delighted to hear you in Finland. You know Finland right? the land of Santa and HIM. However, I don't recon this often but I am a big fan of yours and i would like to see you playing here. If possible of course. How ever, sound is incredible and unic. You guys, you have really show me what music can make for a person! Keep good music coming and hopefully some day we will meet in… Continue

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1st Staind Show & Meet & Greet!!

I am so excited for my first Staind Show! I was able to get Meet & Greet tickets! Looking forward to meeting other Staind Fans - give me a shout if you are going to the meet & greet - Also thinking of getting my first tattoo that day - one week after my birthday! Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate!!

Added by stacy davis on July 18, 2009 at 1:42pm — 2 Comments

Do Yourself a Huge Favor.....See Lo-Pro

To all you Staind fans going to the Shows in Kentucky....Indiana....Iowa....South Dakota.....Montana and Minnisota.....do yourself a favor....put your beers down and get in early and see the first band on the bill Lo-Pro.....after seeing shows in Boston and Wallingford I will tell you that with the exception of Staind they are the Best band on the bill......and theres plenty of beer still for sale after they finish.....

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Recent Album

I am over 40, and I think Staind is unbelievable. I have followed them since Break the Cycle. They keep getting better!

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I drove three hours to see a STAIND show last week, 3 days later they play in Boston (where i'm at) and some people i know went... they dont even really like STAIND, they just went to see Shinedown. They get Aaron's f'n autograph... i've been doing all kinds of shit to get just get a pic with the dude. playing dumb in a line, batting my eyelashes, and NOTHING!!
On a side note, he has a kick ass motherfucking rockin out with his cock out show!!!
Peace from Beantown

Added by Jaime Holloran on July 17, 2009 at 8:47pm — 2 Comments

Saratoga Springs NY concert was a BUST!!

WORDS OF WARNING - I paid almost $400 for 2 VIP meet and greet pit seat tickets and ended up missing half of the damn concert! I had to wait over two hours outside the concert for someone from Staind to bring out the VIP passes and missed the first 2 bands. I saw Sum 41 than had to leave again missing the next band and standing around for over an hour. The part that really sucked was that while me and 7 other people (who paid a lot of money) waited, Staind was busy meeting and greeting all the… Continue

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Wallingford CT show You guys ROCKED!

I just wanted to write to let you guys know that the show ROCKED!!!!! I had such a great time!!!

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Can't wait for tonight

I first saw Staind at the Russian lady, Bone box played first. I have been hooked since, would follow them to the No name and Mikaras and everytime at The Russian lady. A year and a half later they were on the cover of Rolling Stone, so cool to be a part of that.

Tonights show should be sick with all the awesome acts.

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Pocket Constitution

Check out the video of Aaron explaining the significance of the "Pocket Constitution". Afterwards, make sure you download a copy!

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Backstage Photos From Boston

Staind was in town the other night. Here are some great photos from backstage at the show.

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Aussie request

Just letting it be known that a visit to Australia by you guys would be ferkin awesome! In particular Perth Western Australia.

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Father's like me

First of all, I would like to say hi to everyone. I am here, writing this blog, a blog of my feelings, the feelings of a beaten and tattered father. I don't really know where else to go. I have some things I need to get off my chest, and felt like this may be a place to start.

My name is Kris. I am a 29 yr old male. But although I am only 29, I feel like I am 69. This thing that they call life, is wearing me down. I feel as if I am backed into a corner, and I have nowhere to run. I… Continue

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That's pretty much it. I saw them this weekend at SPAC for Big Day Out. I actually got to meet them (briefly) and get my CD signed. Best day ever!!!

I would of loved to win them over with my witty humor or my world knowledge however, all I could spit out was a simple, meager, "hi"

I didn't even get my picture taken with them. I have no idea how some people where able to do that.

Oh well, be thankful for what I do have and that is an autograph, now framed hanging in my living… Continue

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Hi guys.

My first post. XX to all. My name is Francesca, and I am in the alternative rock band out of NYC called Decembers Fall. (decembersfall.com) myspace.com/decfallnyc musicsubmit.com/decembersfall

Please let me know, any of you guys...whats the buzz about staind looking for bands? where do I go? how? I have seriously (no bs ing) been going to see staind now for years and saying........I want to open for them one day....now........I hear this........and...well, im… Continue

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Jon at Download....


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Sander And Receiver

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