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WWE Stimulate This! Fly-Away Sweepstakes

Take a friend with you to see the Stimulate This! tour on August 30th in Philadelphia, on an all expense paid trip with WWE Superstar “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart! Too good to be true? Nope. Enter to win and you’ll also get a signed PRS guitar and the latest albums from Staind, Shinedown, and Halestorm!

Get your fill of WWE action at the biggest pay-per-view event of the summer a week before the tour, on Sunday, August… Continue

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Billings MT

I was at the concert in Billings on the 29th and I wanted to say I am very sorry that you were sick. I have never see Staind live till then but it was WELL WORTH IT!!!! Thanks for coming to our small town in a HUGE state. You guys were Awesome!!!! Hands down the BEST Concert I have ever been to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better!!!!

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A message from Aaron regarding the Billings, MT show

Apologies to our fans in Billings, MT for our shortened performance last night. I had a bad case of food poisoning and did my best to power through the set. I felt fine during the beginning of the set, but started feeling nauseous on stage. We'll make it up to you guys our next time through. For our fans who stayed after the show asking about my well being, I truly appreciate your concern and I am OK and feeling much better.

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All of Staind Hometown Fans

This is for all Staind fans from Massachusetts/New England area...Join my Group at STAIND'S HOMETOWN FANS... even if you are not from Ma.(Staind's Hometown), join.....Looking forward to meeting people from Massachusetts who love staind. To share stories and get to know hometown people....

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come to Australia! or i will stop listening to Staind! .... nah i wont

come to Australia! or i will stop listening to Staind! .... nah i wont Continue

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please come to winnipeg, manitoba i need you. you guys have got me from point a to b know i need b to c. tangled was to be my wedding song. whops. hope all the best for you guys.

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I like Outside n Fade Most

I sing Outside with my band.
I'll try with Fade soon.
These songs are awesome.
it suit my voice too.

Staind, keep making good songs.

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Staind is that cool

what a beautiful voice,
its tone so aloof.
so far.
so mystical.
it's so Staind.
Go Staind Go.

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Staind Show on July 24th!!!

So... the most amazing show ever! And I got to meet... Aaron! I got to talk to him for a while, I got autographs and pictures, I thought I was going to die...I cried. It was the best moment of my life. Now I'm looking for tickets to the Chicago show. :) I can't wait to see them/meet them again. Check out the pix. :D (Too bad I used a disposable camera...p.o.s. :/ Chicago will get my digital)

Aaron and Me…


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Thank You, Aaron..Evansville, Ind. 7/24/09

Aaron, Your just unbelievable! It gets better everytime. Thank You so much for talking to me and signing everything. When you knew my name, It just blew me away. I had a million things to say to you, but as soon as you said, "You're Shannon, right?" I was totally stunned. It meant the world to me. Thank You so much. You guys put on an Amazing show, as usual. I can't wait til you come back this way, again. I will be there, everytime.…


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Dubuque Rocks

Short and sweet...the Dubuque show ROCKED!

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hey ! .. we named our band "12 Shades Of Gray"

i hope you are not offended the name means so much to us. coming soon is www.12shadesofgray.com i was inspired by Arron to write and perform we are a massachusetts based band..

Added by chris nichols on July 24, 2009 at 11:14am — 4 Comments


They are opening for Creed at the Woodlands I verified it. Are they bring their Stimulus show to town/

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Stimulate This!/The Pentagon Channel

Stimulate This! Tour
Lead singers for Staind, Shinedown, Halestorm and Chevelle talk about the Stimulate This! Tour -- and past tours to entertain the troops.


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Class of 2009

Books returned, locker cleaned out, backpack as light as a feather

(thankfully!), I can’t help but to sit and think about these past four

years at Upper Cape Tech with mixed emotions. “It’s not every day you

graduate from high school” adults say. You would think that would be

reason to celebrate, flashing your diploma to the world like a shining

banner, but…I’m not celebrating. At least not yet. Instead I sit here,

thinking about each year of high school. Smiling… Continue

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Quebec Show July 17,2009

Hey all !

I just wonder if Staind is actually generous with the fans in some shows you've seen...According to last saturday... it's nothing to be proud of... I've been waiting forever to see them performing live (since dysfunction in fact) and the first time ever they come to Quebec : 10 song at most and bam Jon Wysocki throwing his drumsticks... nothing more... no recall (even if the crowd was screaming....) no bye no cya and a minute later techniciens all over the place to clear out the… Continue

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Limp Bizkit Show 07/18/09

I Was At The Free Limp Bizkit Show on saturday at the apalms it was a great set and a great show i didnt get to meet fred and the rest of the band but I Had A Great Time Heres The Setlist for thier first U.S show in 8 years

(Space Odyssey intro)

My Generation

Livin' it Up

Show me What You Got

Eat You Alive

Almost Over


Break Stuff


Full Nelson

My Way




(Thriller… Continue

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holy shit, i went to the 4th of july concert in Detroit and staind ripped the ass hole out of the place. it was prolly the best concert ive ever been to. Arron your my boy, i dont know if you remember me but i was the kid in detroit last year that waited out by your tour bus with a guitar playing and singing staind songs, then you came out and gave me a guitar pick. you made my day and i just wanted to say thanks and i hope someday you can hear me play again and maybe even jam with me on stage… Continue

Added by Tony Feira on July 20, 2009 at 3:03am — 1 Comment

Hey Staind---Aaron, or anyone else reading....How can my band be an opener for you!????Please, anyone--someone read this...advise...

Rumors have been flying. I'd like to know how can one open for STAIND?

God, man, Jesus, I have been saying since a kid.........I want to open up for staind.....one day...Seriously, Id like some info.

My band is called Decembers Fall. We are a band from NYC. Rock/alternative/pop. www.myspace.com/decfallnyc

The stuff on there is a little lighter...but we go heavier as well. Your audience would dig our stuff--------

Please, someone let me know. I have no way of… Continue

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