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on Jan 26th 2010 at 420 pm my beautiful baby girl was born! And of course I wanted Zoe Jane abd so did my wife however she wanted to use other middle names so we comprimised we named her ZoeJane maelynn!!! ha ha ha see everyhting works out! so now not only do i still love the song but it means so so much more then it ever has before!! I've had a rough life (not gonna dwell) so this song is just so perfect! "so I wanted to say this, cause I wouldn't know where to begin, to explain to you what I… Continue

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"Everything Changes" - Staind Popular Karaoke Song

So what could be your favorite song of STAIND?

We often go to see their concerts and shows, but what is the song that makes you sing along with them?

Anyone who partakes in the nightlife has spent their fair share of time at karaoke nights at the bars and nightclubs they frequent, or even in a few dives. What do you think are the most… Continue

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to the guys of staind..i just joined the club to write this blog, although its long over due better late then never. im not a seasoned vetran of the staind fan club but have listened to staind for years. just wondering if a request for you guys to come west again sometime soon...i live in calgary you guys were here a year and a half ago in august. its been to long.. just throwing it out there for you guys to pack up your shit and get out here again!

off topic when i saw you guys in concert… Continue

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Just an offer to Aaron

Aaron if you ever read this, I am letting you know that I am driving to your mississippi show on march 27th from Houston, TX. I know you said you have a problem playing the verse and singing at the same time on For You, I don't know if that has been taken care of, but I am a fellow acoustic guitar player. I also know many of your songs. I would be honored to play it for you on that song. I am requested constantly to play Staind songs when I play due to people saying I do it well. Ofcourse it's… Continue

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Aaron Lewis will be inducted into Mohegan Sun’s Walk of Fame on Friday, February 5th at 5pm.

Aaron Lewis will be inducted into Mohegan Sun’s Walk of Fame on Friday, February 5th at 5pm.

Mohegan Sun Arena Box Office Forecourt

All fans attending the Mohegan, CT date is invited to attend!

Prior to his Arena solo acoustic show, the lead singer from Staind, Aaron Lewis, will be inducted into Mohegan Sun’s Walk of Fame. Lewis has played over thirty shows at Mohegan Sun, a combination of solo acoustic shows and as the front man for Staind. During his solo tour… Continue

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Upcoming Show at Mohegan

What's up Aaron? I'm going to your acoustic show on Feb 5th at Mohegan with a few of my boys for my 20th birthday. I've been a huge fan for as long as I can remember, I saw you in Hartford a few years ago with Hinder and 3 Doors down and you guys were by the far the best. If you by chance see this I was wondering If you could play an acoustic version of Could it Be. It's one of my favorites and I've never heard an acoustic version. Regardless your show is going to be the highlight of my… Continue

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Tunica was my third time seeing you...My first time with you solo and I thought it was awesome! I've always identified with your lyrics, however, Tunica took it to the next level. My now wife sent me "So Far Away" on a CD to me while I was deployed to Iraq the first time during OIF II, that song helped me get in touch and manage how I was feeling. Sorry about all the redneck fuckers in Tunica, I drove 270 miles to here you play guitar and sing. I truly enjoyed your "DELIVERANCE" references,… Continue

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St. Charles MO & Aaron

And that's all I have to say about that.

It's awesome just to sit and listen to him sing. Better when it's live and you can sit and LOOK and listen to him sing. LOL

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Tunica, MS show 1.23.10

I traveled 3 hours to see Aaron play his acoustic set last night at the Horseshoe Casino @ Bluesville Club. Aaron--you rocked it, and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your encore performance of "Black" by Pearl Jam, and gracing us with your gift that you have shared. I sincerely cannot believe all of the rude, disrespectful people that are out there, but looking at the other posts, this has happened many times before at alot of your other acoustic shows. It's such a shame. Thank… Continue

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Beautiful Day

Someday the wild blue internet provider with IP PBX will show Staind. In the lot, many surgical instruments were found to be collected in a giant box near a medical office. These were being prepared to be… Continue

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Thank you Staind

2009 was the craziest of my 33 years; it was full of changes and reality checks. The economy caused me to lose a job that I held for 13 years in late April. As the dust was settling from that my fiance revealed she had a 5 year drug addiction the worst of which was to one known as Ice (Meth). This broke me down to my core. I found myself contemplating my end and rationalizing to myself that the world really didn't give a fuck if I was a physical part of it or not. I later would discover that… Continue

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Please tell me where to find "Anywhere but Here"?

I can not find this song. Please tell me where I can download?
Also I am looking for the set list from the Pechanga solo concert. There is a song that I did not know. It could have been Anywhere but here but I am not sure.

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Just a reminder that this Tuesday, January 26th is the last day to donate to Catch A Dream

Sixteen year old Hailey Simpson was front and center to watch Aaron at the Kansas City Catch A Dream charity show! Below is what her family had to say about the experience:

“Oh my goodness!!!! It was amazing!! He is amazing!!! Once we got to his

soundcheck, it was unbelievable! We sat and talked with Aaron for

probably 15 minutes, he…

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St.Charles - Ameristar - Aaron Lewis Live

Saw Staind at Pointfest, this past summer, and just saw Aaron on his solo tour. It's always a pleasure to see the band in town and We are all looking forward to your new solo cd. Keep it real and Thank You for taking the time to come sing/play.

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Everything Changes... Solo Show, Kansas City, MO

I posted a blog about my first Staind concert a few months back (when they opened for Creed in Kansas City), so I thought I'd circle back and share my experience of seeing Aaron in KC for the solo show. I simply copied what I'd posted on both LiveJournal and Facebook. Again, not sure who reads, but if you do, I thank you.

And Aaron, if you skim by? Thank you. The show was amazing and I'm going to be buzzing from it for days.


Because my husband is made of… Continue

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Thank You

The more and more I listen to Aaron's music, I have realized that I can relate to his lyrics too often than not. His music has helped me get through so many hard times lately. I owe alot to him. He is the most amazing songwriter and singer I've ever heard.
Thank You Aaron. Keep being you. I love you.


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Aaron Lewis Teams Up With Gibson Guitars

Find more videos like this on… Continue

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Thank you

I just want to simply say thank you to Aaron for coming out to the west coast and performing at Pechanga again....tonight was amazing. I know your roots are with the east coast, so it means a lot to your west coast fans when you do the trek out here. This was our second time seeing you solo and 5th time total as long time fans of Staind. Tonight was simply amazing, we drove from San Diego to see you and we hope you'll come again soon, we wish you all the best and please release a live version… Continue

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Man from my dreams?

So I know it probably has a LOT to do with my upcoming trip to see Aaron in NM....But I have had dreams about him every night for the last week!! I'm starting to feel really crazy and obsessive!

Anyone else ever done this? I find it funny but at the same time, it IS a little strange.

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Aaron Lewis at NAMM 1/16/10

Aaron will be making a special appearance at the year's NAMM. Stop by the Gibson Guitar booth Saturday, January 16th at 2pm to celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated, Aaron Lewis Signature guitar. Times and booths posted after the jump.

Click HERE for more information on Gibson.com.




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