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Is corn flour good for diet??

As the name implies, cornmeal or cornstarch derived from corn kernels. Originally used as a flour starch in the laundry. this flour is generally used for additional materials in cooking, thicken the soup or sauce, or it can also be used to make corn syrup.

Besides being used when cooking, here are some other benefits of corn flour:

This material is sometimes also found in baby powder material.

As a batter coating to keep the crispy chicken nuggets until long after…


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The magnesium benefits you need to know

Besides instrumental in the growth and maintenance of bones, magnesium is also needed by the various parts of the body. These compounds are important to the performance of nerve and muscle in performing a specific function. The ideal intake of magnesium helped efforts to neutralize stomach acid and pave the way stool in the gut as part of the process of excretion.

This is the function of Magnesium for the Body

The body needs magnesium levels above the ideal is approximately…


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How does Mayo diet work??

Previously we had to review about what exactly methods of diet mayo. We took several articles reliable information, including information about diet mayo directly from the official website of the Mayo Clinic.

Not true indeed rumors that the mayo diet can certainly lose weight up to 8 kg in 13 days. The claim turned out if the mayo diet combined with some other weight loss methods, including the calculation of calories accurately. Because the original mayo diet completely ignore the…


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The fruits that can help you lose weight

It is common knowledge that fruit is beneficial for those who are on weight loss programs or diets. When compared with medications diet, fruits much more healthy and practical to help you lose weight. Many ways to get the benefits of fruits to obtain the ideal body, from eating fresh raw fruit or also can be a way in the juice. In addition to practical and convenient, consumption of fruits is the way a healthy diet that does not cause side effects such as drug-induced diet.



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7 Mages the games review

7 Mages is an RPG game features dungeon crawler, where all the characters and environment are designed in 3D rendering very indulgent eye for mobile gamers both Android and iOS! 7 Mages itself was developed by Napoleon previous Games has also released a classic RPG game Dungeon Crawler entitled Brany Skeldalu for mobile. However, when compared, 7 Mages much more interesting from the standpoint of lore and graphics. Interestingly though this game has graphics and animation, this game for free…


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Diet is not just about reducing the size of meals

Many were mistakenly interpret diet. Most people interpret the diet is to reduce food portions or cut back on meals. If eating or food rations reduced, weight definitely come down, might get skinny. The weight loss seem like an underfed or recovering from illness.

Diet was not reducing the size of the meal, but the diet is to manage your diet. There are two ways to manage your diet, which regulate the composition of the food and arrange meals.

If you usually eat one plate,…


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More methods to gain more weight

Believe it or not Bro, weight problems are not only owned by those who are overweight, but also by those who are underweight. For you who are underweight, do not worry, Bro. You of course can still reach the ideal weight that you dream of.

But, if you want to reach your ideal weight, overeating is certainly not the answer. Here are five ways that can help you get the desired weight, Bro:

1. Eat regularly. Do not let your tummy rumbling because you eat late, Bro. Remember,…


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You need hardwork and dedication in order to get sixpack

Fitness trainer or anyone with a sixpack stomach would often hear the question above. Do you know the answer? To get a sixpack stomach or a flat stomach, the first thing needed is consistency and hard work, Bro. Proper nutrition and sufficient exercise is the next thing to note.

Good nutrition is certainly very important for the body. Eat lots of processed foods that contain salt, calories, and fat and fast food will only produce unhealthy body. In addition to food, exercise is also…


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The advantage of diet for your fitness

Understanding the actual diet is not an attempt to lose weight by reducing the amount of food intake. More precisely, the regulation of the diet daily diet. So, basically the diet is not only reserved for those who want to be thin, but also for those who want to maintain a healthy diet, Bro. Various natural diet tips can be done to get the ideal body weight and maintain health. Well, one of the nutrients that can help in your healthy diet…


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Start diet with one apple per day

The apple is a fruit that is healthy because of the high fiber content but with low calories. For those of you who are still searching for a way to lose weight is fruitless, try eating a green apple, Bro. Studies prove that the apple is a good fat burner. Apples helps you managing weight when consumed in sufficient quantities.

How to lose weight with the consumption of apples?

The calorie intake. As has been written before, apples contain low-calorie. Eating one apple only…


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The fruits you need to consume to burn fat

Usually, working in the office make you did not have time to exercise freely. This is what can invite the arrival of belly fat, Bro. If you experience it, eliminate it by eating fruits. A healthy diet can also help you maintain your ideal weight.

For example, you can eat strawberries and melon. Both these fruits are low in calories with high fiber. Strawberry contains only about 53 calories in each portion. While melon contains only 64 calories in each cup her. Thus, two types of…


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spinach is good for your diet program

Whether as a child you enjoy watching Popeye the Sailorman? If yes, you certainly know that Popeye's favorite food is spinach, is not it? Once he ate a can of spinach, more than doubled its strength, and it can help people.

Apparently, the spinach does have many health benefits, Bro. In fact, both also as a way to lose weight, but still able to maintain health. One cup of spinach contains just 7 calories and 1 gram of carbohydrate, you know! In fact, in the same dose, spinach gives…


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Healthy snacks to eat at midnight

When Desire snacking coming one or two hours before bedtime, there are some things to consider: First, studies linking eating late at night with the potential for weight gain.

One study found that eating before bed can make your sleep more restless, and makes you tired and bingeing the next day.

Also, eating late at night tend to be associated with stress, which leads to the desire to eat high-calorie fats in search of comfort.

On the other… Continue

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End the PS4 games

If you ask most gamers that makes the Playstation 4 as their primary gaming platform, what their most anticipated game of the year, hence the name "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" will fit into one of a list of answers they provide. It's hard not to await the sweet game exclusive to this one. First? Of course, since lunge Naughty Dog that has so far had produced a game that arguably, disappointing at all. Both? That it carries the name "Thief's End" which confirmed it will be a series that ended…


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The morning habits that help you lose weight

For those of you who are in weight loss programs, note this well: what you do or do not do in the morning is key to the success of your program.

Listen, any morning habits of those who successfully lose weight and now own weight.

bath morning sunshine

Bask in the sun can help you lose weight, is that according to research published in the journal PLoS ONE.

The scientists evaluated 54 volunteers were asked to wear a bracelet monitor that records their…


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The beauty skin treatment for you

The skin is the outermost layer of the human body. This section is directly related to the environment such as exposure to ultraviolet light, pollution, dust and more. The need for treatment carefully so that the skin does not quickly dull or experiencing premature aging. Of course, all women want to have a white body. There are many ways to treat the skin of your body to do at home, although it is in practice, you have to instill faith in yourself on the principles of discipline, and…


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Contra games remake details

Those of you who have not played a legendary shooter game called Contra developed by Konami. Last year the Konami already announced that they will now focus to mobile games, especially for Android and iOS. At the end of last year, one of the mobile game titles they are doing is a remake of Contra, game-based side-scrolling shooter that was first released in 1987 ago. This game is in demand in the market, even today there are 12 titles Contra either a sequel or spin-off of the series. Well,…


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Get healthy skin in summer

The dry season is still not over, it still feels scorching sun every day. The air was hot and dry, as well as a danger to the health of the skin. The sun's ultraviolet rays can damage collagen and elastin network in charge of maintaining the strength and elasticity of the skin.

Various studies, one by Cancer Research UK in 2011, states that ultraviolet exposure also increases a person's risk of skin cancer is melanoma. Artificial light such as sunlamps and tanning beds can…


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Less drinking water is not good when you wanna start to exercise

Pain in the muscles during exercise alias cramps can be caused by many things, one of them due to lack of fluids.

According dr.Grace Tumbelaka, sports medicine specialist, cramps during exercise occurs due to the use of certain muscles massively. So muscles contract continuously.

"Should the contraction and relaxation, but this contraction continue. But the cramps are often caused by lack of heating and lack of fluids and electrolytes," he said.

To prevent…


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the importance of breakfast for health and diet

Researchers from Yale and the University of Connecticut has confirmed the importance of breakfast for health, maintaining a healthy weight, especially for those who have excess weight.

In summary, these studies have concluded: two servings of breakfast is better than none at all. Although respondents were adolescents of school age, but this is also true for adults.

To obtain these conclusions, the researchers recruited 600 high school students who were nearing…


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