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When choosing the right foods is the key of losing weight

Cutting calories does not always succeed in making us lose weight. According to an expert, the more effective is to choose the right foods.

According to David Ludwig, obesity expert and professor of nutrition T.H Chan of Harvard School of Public Health, the weight gain started when someone choose the wrong foods.

Wrong types of foods that would disrupt hormones and cause the craving cycle (always hungry and want a snack).

In his latest book "Always Hungry?", He…


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When keeping weight, these are you need to consider

Drinking diet soda

Are you switching to diet soda to help you lose weight? Perhaps it is time to think again.

A study this year found the number of diet soda consumed is associated with increased abdominal fat over time. It is part of the evidence that the beverage may have negative consequences.

Reduce consumption of coffee

Caffeinated beverages can protect you from certain skin cancers, and the more the better to eat them.

Coffee addict can feel the…


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Changing the habits may help you lose weight

Piles of fat stomach feels so annoying when your pants or dress you normally wear feels more cramped. Diet or cultivate the intention to exercise regularly could be the best way.

Unfortunately, some people feel that both ways are like a "torture" small, because it requires the sacrifice of favorite foods such as cut or get up early to exercise.

If you often get stuck in a situation where you want to find a slim stomach, but difficult to carry out these efforts, scientists…


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Why experts do not recommend do sit ups

Experts are still debating whether or not we should do sit ups. Sports are a lot done to shrink the stomach is mentioned may damage our spine.

Personal trainers and military advisers in the United States believe that sit-ups dangerous. Because the movement is pressing too much spine.

They say that men and women have to replace it with a plank motion. Body in plank position us to remain on top of the situation to push lower.

US army had assigned 10,000 soldiers…


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Why it's hard to get rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is not painful but very disturbing appearance. But from the outside only ineffective rid of cellulite. Exercise therapy combined with therapy wrapping from the outside to help get rid of cellulite fast.

Cellulite is the great enemy of modern women. Most cellulite settles in the thigh area and abdomen were never seen. May be seen while swimming. Cellulite but also appeared in the…


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The reasons why trans fats are bad for you

trans fats has a bad title as one of the causes of coronary heart disease. Doctors even mention fat as fat is the worst we could eat. These fats can be found in prepared foods, margarine, pizza, and a variety of snacks.

Trans fats in small amounts naturally present in meat and dairy products. However, the majority of trans fats are formed through a process of adding hydrogen to vegetable oil which causes the oil becomes solid at room temperature.

Hydrogenated oils will be…


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What you need to avoid before reaching your 40s

At the age of 20-30s, we feel alive there in the clutch and could live forever. However, when age crept up and the body no longer as fit as before, a sense of panic was immediately ambushed.

Do not wait until late, while there's still young, change some bad habits for the sake of long-term health investment.

1. Lazy health check

Even if you feel healthy, body condition could say otherwise. Many chronic diseases are asymptomatic and only when the disease has led to…


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Share your diet experience with closest friends

Weight Watchers, an organization renowned weight loss regained the support of celebrities in a different way. Oprah Winfrey took part in stock and incoming board of directors.

Winfrey is going to pay $ 43 million for 6.4 million shares of the company. Weight Watchers shares surged 83 percent after the news was released. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Weight Watchers history back to the 60s when Jean Nidetch begin weekly meetings with his friends who…


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When execise is not enough to fight overweight

Hope to have a more slender body and healthy difficult to achieve if you simply relying on regular exercise alone. In any case, you need to limit your intake of calorie intake.

We are doing a hard workout at the gym it also can increase appetite, so we eat more food. Therefore the diet should also be regulated.

The key to having a healthy weight is to regulate calorie intake, with or without increasing sports activities. It has also been demonstrated in numerous…


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How to make running more fun

Not everyone can enjoy the sport of running. Follow these tips for comfort when running and you become addicted run each morning.

Make regular schedule

For your body to get used to the activities of running, you have to run on a regular basis. It is strongly recommended to make a schedule and follow it faithfully. At the very least, schedule to run two to three times a week.

Running will strengthen the muscles of the lower body and abdomen are needed to run…


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Why you should avoid oversleep

Wake up from sleep the night that only lasts as long as 4 hours may make you feel muddled through the day. Drowsiness, fatigue, lack of concentration, be an early sign that the body is less at rest.

You then intend to remove the clutter had to sleep more than 8 hours of sleep is recommended. As a result, you will only feel tired as the day before.

Sleep longer than eight hours seemed ideal, especially for someone who feel short hours of sleep due to the many activities. Or, you…


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Breath of Fire 6 confirmed for browser

Capcom confirms Breath of Fire will release 6 February 2016 for PC and Android, and followed in March 2016 for the iOS mobile platform. And like many other new mobile RPG game from Japan lately, Breath of Fire 6 ditawrkan free, and of course with a lot of offers in-app purchase as a form of microtransaction. This game was first confirmed early August 2013 ago, and immediately became a game most awaited by fans of RPGs, even though the platform may not be a favorite destination majority of…


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Xbox One good games in 2015

Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games)

Since first released on PC in 2014 and then, this game is to steal a lot of attention through 8-bit classic feel it offers. Shovel Knight really will make you nostalgic with the action adventure game NES era, of course with a variety of additional features that make it look more modern. Moreover, the developer is smart enough to add a variety of additional content exclusive to each platform. 8 bit graphics offered also polished better version of…


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Tales of Berseria and Zestiria shared the same universe

The latest news coming from the RPG, which recently confirmed also going towards PC, Tales of Berseria, turned out to be in the same universe with Tales of Zestiria. Even so, setting a time of both games are different.

According to an article published by Famitsu, the story in Tales of Berseria occurred in the past before the events in Tales of Zestiria. Locations in Berseria called Wasteland with the continent called Glenwood, which is the same continent with Zestiria.…


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AMD graphics card with HBM technology released this year

After the release of the Radeon graphics card R9 380X and reportedly will soon release a top-class graphics card Radeon R9 Fury X2, AMD is now reported to be the latest graphics chip released mid next year. Fiji is similar to the graphics chip used in the R9 and R9 Fury X Nano, the graphics chip called "Artic Island" will also use technology High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) latest generation, namely HBM2.

Artic Island graphics chip will have a very high transfer speed in the memory,…


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Kingdom Hearts III new video trailer

According to Square Enix, the trailer is more than enough to satisfy fans of Kingdom Hearts which still look forward to welcoming superior series, Kingdom Hearts III is released next year. During the Jump Festa 2016 event which runs from the end of last week in Japan, they re-release the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. But unfortunately, this trailer is none other than the same trailer shown Square Enix for the D23 Expo event (event official Disney fan club) in Japan early last November…


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Sapphire Nitro R7 370 the gaming test

Until the middle of this year, gamers flooded by the many games that require so much power of the GPU of the graphics card. Although not a problem for gamers with a fat wallet, another word for gamers who are not so lucky in terms of income. Fortunately, this year helped by the presence lineup gamer graphics card at an affordable price. One example is the presence of graphics cards from AMD, Radeon R7 370.

Capitalize high GPU capabilities and video memory that does not lose its…


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Yakuza Kiwami, the remake of first yakuza games

Sega officially announced Yakuza Kiwami, which is a remake Yakuza first with an additional scenario (and some characters to get the voice of the new, such as Yumi Sawamura, Shinji Tanaka and Atsuko Tanaka), mini-games, many new scene, and update systems which are all displayed with quality HD graphics, and will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game was announced in conjunction with the actual successor of the series Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku) via the Yakuza 6, which was…


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FF7 remake offers episodics format

In its press release, Square Enix explained that Final Fantasy VII Remake is a "multi-part series" where each series will provide a unique experience in playing different. Of course this makes the fans of Final Fantasy VII was in dissapointed by the Square Enix. Because if released in various parts, we have to spend more to buy another subsequent part series. This news is also made clear by the Wall Street Journal reporter named Takashi Mochizuki in his personal twitter account.…


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Here are a few options of GPU under 200 dollars

PC games are getting practically serious in giving a graphical real as possible for the players, make every player behind Stand sometimes up to buy the latest Gaming VGA. The problem is, good Gaming VGA is not necessarily cheap, and cheap Gaming VGA is not necessarily good. So it is necessary to know what is needed and the market price. Here we will provide the best VGA reference 5 for gaming at a price below 200 dollars.

1. ASUS GTX 750 OC 1GB DDR5 128bit

Price ASUS GTX 750 OC…


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