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Sleep early can help you lose weight

people who go to bed from 11 pm to 3 am, tend to consume more caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed meats, and saturated fat than those who sleep early. And it could have major implications on health, particularly weight gain.

People who sleep early every night rated consuming more vegetables, fruits and lean protein, according to an analysis of data from 850,000 users artificial fitness tracker Jawbone UP. And the analysis exclusively released by The…


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The benefits of having Six Packs for runners

Often we think has a six packs means a strong stomach and a great runner. Although some runners have experienced muscular stomach as exercise and diet, abdominal six packs no direct impact on running performance.

For runners, a strong stomach is important because it helps improve posture and speed. According othopedic Sports Physical Therapist Julianne Cappadona, "Stomach-like foundation of the house."

He explained, consists of three abdominal muscles, namely the rectus…


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Ratchet & Clank action games review

Is a three-dimensional platformer style game Crash Bandicoot or Jax & Dexter still be a relevant genre in the gaming industry today? Where most of the game slide ends so super serious action games with characters that is attached to the real world. "Pleasure," emerged from a chance to save his own region or even the world from a deadly conflict which is imaged so dark and dangerous. For the first question that we are bringing it, Insomniac Games seem to have an answer. With the courage…


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Ratchet & Clank: games preview

For gamers who had grown up with a Playstation 2 in the past, Ratchet & Clank is a popular name that does not seem to be familiar to the ear. In the midst of "thirst" to enjoy a game action platformer that is capable, especially with the charm of Crash Bandicoot which at that time seemed increasingly sinking with every series that appears, Ratchet & Clank be an alternative that is hard to resist. Regardless of the response that is not overly positive in some of the last series, Sony…


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Measuring the protein needs for the body

We all understand that the body needs protein, which we can get from various foods. But, do we know how much intake of protein needed by the body?

To meet the daily protein requirement, we can combine several types of food. Such as meat, milk, nuts, seeds, until vegetables are rich in protein. The reason is obvious. Protein is important for the health of our bodies.

Protein becomes 'mortar' for the health of muscles, bones, and blood. Then, how the average intake of protein…


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The benefits of Measuring your weight everyday

Experts suggest it turned out to weigh every day. Thus, within two years of gaining weight back almost zero.

A study from Cornell University found that men and women who weigh every day not only lose weight. The average increase in weight back even close to zero.

It proved to be quite substantial, given the many studies show a 40 percent reduction in weight gain back just a year. In a small study of the students, they were asked to weigh every day for 12 weeks did not gain…


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Time to consider the calories of your drink

Typically, people who diet, will monitor and restrict what is on the plate. But, what about the contents contained in the glass?

Drinks, perhaps the hidden source of empty calories, said Mark Izzo, Ph.D., director of science and technology Orafti Active Food Ingredients.

"Although the label as healthy as orange juice and wine but still contains about 100 calories in each cup. What's worse, few people drink the juice just one cup, usually at least the equivalent of two…


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Healthy tips for office workers

The average office worker spends more time sitting at the computer. As a result, office workers less move so susceptible to trigger health problems than those who work outdoors.

You can still stay healthy, even though every day more sitting indoors working.

How to?

1. Drink plenty of water

Most office workers are not discouraged if you do not consume coffee. Often, too, the coffee into a drink that is consumed more frequently than water. Not…


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The time when you go to sleep linked to your weight

A study published in the yard Jawbone shows, hours of sleep is closely linked with one's weight.

The researchers found that respondents with normal weight average bed early at around 21.30. They have 220 fewer calories, compared to people who sleep at 02:30 am.

Sleep quickly suppress the desire to eat a lot of calories the body in the morning.

As done in previous studies, lack of sleep can increase the hormones that make the body feel hungry…


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Shadow Blade Reload the games review

You finished playing Shadow Blade and Shadow Blade Zero? If so certainly you have to play the latest sequel entitled Shadow Blade Reload. If a previous Kuro tells the journey of becoming a ninja master, so this time the background of the story will be more stressful. The human world retold worsened and chaotic. Agreements that have been made the past has now failed, and this time the three clans must compete coarse to obtain power domination. Kuro was forced to return to unify the peace…


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The miracles of olive oil to treat acne scars

We all know that olive oil has lots of good vitamins and substances are good for skin care. Vitamin E contained in it can help rejuvenate the skin thus making it not dull. In fact, this vitamin can also help remove acne scars.

Applying only Olive Oil Used To Cure Acne? Here's Some Other Ways to apply!

During this if you only use olive oil to rub any way? you included a loss! Without you know, actually there are a variety of treatments that can be done by using this…


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Methods to cover your acne scars with makeup

You do not need to be brushed thick makeup that disguised acne. Even with natural makeup even acne can be covered perfectly

Before starting to use makeup, you must carefully choose beauty or cosmetic product to be used. If one chose, acne it will be more widespread. In fact, acne scars and blackened and increasingly apparent in advance because of exposure to cosmetics that do not comply with the skin condition. To anticipate, you need to know what type of skin you have.…


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Mask to help treating acne

It's no secret lemon fruit containing vitamin C are very good for health as well as beauty. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is good for preventing various diseases, improve the immune system, collagen, to prevent free radicals.

To make a mask of lemon juice is also not difficult really. You only need to make lemon juice with a little water so that the result will be more condensed. After that, apply on the surface of the face evenly. Let stand for about 15 minutes then rinse with…


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How to treating mild acne the correct way

Many ways to get rid of acne. Could use a natural way and medicines. When the skin starts to rain and pain, you should not underestimate it, because it could be the sign of the growth of acne. Then, when the skin was sore and began to appear a small bump, immediately anticipate that do not already inflamed pimples.

Eliminate acne usually takes quite a long time. Especially if it has been enlarged and inflamed. However, if the acne is still young and just beginning to emerge, it's…


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Kiwi fruit and its benefits for beauty and to treat acne

Kiwi fruit has an exotic flavor and color of the lure. Sources such as vitamin C and E and omega-3 fatty acids present in the kiwi.

In fact, the kiwi has a myriad of health benefits. Call it, kiwi can prevent asthma, manage diabetes, improves digestion and the immune system.

Not just to be here, kiwifruit also has great benefits for your beauty, here are some of them.

1. Rejuvenates the skin

Vitamin C which is owned kiwi has tremendous advantages for the skin.…


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The Witness PC games review

It does not seem there is the most difficult game to play when compared with the puzzle game. This kind of game is deliberately designed to twist your brain in accomplishing a variety of puzzles given. When viewed on a larger scale, puzzle game, albeit with varied levels. There are only designed for casual gamers, with a variety of games searching for hidden objects; some are indeed created to encourage cognitive skills and solve problems, and this game has a more difficult level. However,…


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Dragon’s Dogma – Dark Arisen PC the review

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen is one example of the game. If you want to compare it with the latest games with graphics display super high these days, then this game is under. However, another when you consider the gameplay of this game. This game is not only able to bring you into the adventure that is so attractive, even at one point able to make players forget to eat, but this game is also able to show the world that is so vast.

This game is not for gamers who wish to be pampered.…


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Lose the weight effectively

Losing weight is not as difficult as you think. Without a strict diet and exercise, in fact you can already lose fat. The key, according to experts just move on without multiply eating protein.

But, do not just stop there. You need to do some of the following practices to get the ideal body shape.

1. Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water throughout the day can flush toxins and cut the number of calories in the…


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Five healthy habits you might need to try

Healthy life is always associated with a healthy lifestyle. Actually, a healthy lifestyle does not mean you only eat a nutritious diet and regular exercise. There are some other things that need to change.

Experts said, the little things that have a big impact on your health.

Any of these habits?

1. Toothbrush

Brushing teeth twice a day and gargle with mouthwash become a part of healthy habits that you should not…


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Why office workers tend to get more weight

The office is a place where people spend most of his time. Unwittingly, simple habits continue to do in the office can affect your weight.

The number of loads that need to be done in the office was not only bad for health, but also affects the weight scales. Here's a habit that you must immediately remove if you do not want to gain weight rapidly rising.

1. Eat at the office desk

Sometimes it is because the work is too much, you do not have time out to eat and put food…


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