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Things you need to know when buying new monitor

Size and ultra wide widescreen

Currently almost all of the monitor is a monitor with the type widescreen, which is where it is good enough to display the documents are quite wide, needs to display multiple applications at the same time and keep the sidebar of your desktop to remain visible while you surfing on the Website. The screen size of this type is very appropriate if used for watching movies or playing games. The monitor has a widescreen aspect ratio of 16: 9 or 16:10 aspect…


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Anno 2205, PC sims games review

Simulation build a fan of the genre that has limited circle. It is not far from the fact that the top-selling genre of games today is an action game, especially Multiplayer Shooter. Obviously, the genre can be said simulations build closer working furiously to get satisfactory results after playing for dozens of hours than the instant gratification given action games. However, fans of the genre of simulation building very loyal, despite the fact that not many AAA class games released using…


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Attack on Titan the games is gonna be awesome

Our previous review of the feature event champ and also that you will encounter during the Attack on Titan plays the latest games for the PlayStation platform. And yesterday Koei Tecmo has uploaded through the old official, such as what features they previously introduced via video, as well as the action using a 3D character for maneuver Gear. In total there are 10 videos, with six videos for action and four for camp activities.

Tecmo Koei officially confirmed the game Attack on Titan…


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Zombi retail version is also confirmed

released exclusively Wii U, and became the launch title Nintendo platform when it was released last November 2012. The sales is not too alarming. But it seems the publisher Ubisoft are not satisfied with the sales figures are not more than one million units. And the end of June 2015 and, already spread the news if this game would be ported to the PC platform as well as the gene now. And just yesterday Ubisoft confirm it officially, if the survival horror game that uses first-person view,…


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Agent Dodge, new mobile games

After successfully bringing a homemade game, Own Kingdom to penetrate the featured position in the Google Play Store, ahead of the Game Developers Gathering (GDG) Prime Own Games 2015 yesterday re-released a new game. Titled Agent Dodge, Own Games does make GDG Prime 2015 as a platform to introduce, also marks the soft launch this game in southeast.

Agent Dodge tells the story of a secret agent who has the main principles: "Peace is not created out of the race, avoid the fight and…


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Xbox One Backward Compatibility now supports more games

During E3 2015, Microsoft finally showing off their best weapon to Xbox One. They confirmed the news quite surprising (and encouraging?) To the owners of Xbox One: Xbox One will have the ability backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games! Which means, for the owners of the Xbox One, do not waste your first DVD Xbox 360, because soon you can play them back on Xbox One, without the need to pay additional fees or upgrade hardware again! In addition to playing games based DVD, backward…


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White Day games will support Sony VR

Looks like you can start to read how the direction of development of the two poles of virtual reality technology which is now starting to be ready to fight, and PlayStation Oculus Rift VR. If Oculus owned Facebook has a lot of support for the West game, typical first-person game shoter, horror and space combat, it seems the PlayStation VR games will propose a more casual, or discerning Japanese. Like this one, confirmed during the press conference of Sony Computer Entertainment Korea…


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Dragon Quest Monster SL the review for you

For lovers of classic RPG, Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light has been present in the mobile version. You will be a Monster Scout who collects monsters and adventure to be friends with him.

One difference was of classic and modern is the use of RPG gameplay and the graphics are greatly developed. RPG when first introduced, we will see games based on text-based story and turn-based system. Whereas today, RPG much gives the impression of 3D and the graphics are much better, so that…


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Perfect World to merge two servers

If previously LYTO provide updates very interesting for gamers CrossFire with an update "Happy Halloween" which gives a lot of new maps, new items, and new weapon ready to gamers play in the game. Now there are things that are not less interesting LYTO performed as the publisher for another excellent game, Perfect World II Indonesia. To further improve the quality of the game Perfect World II Indonesia, LYTO create new potions to increasingly satisfy gamers Perfect World II Indonesia. What…


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Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII is coming on the end of the year

As already disclosed Square Enix TGS 2014 during last year's event, they will please the owners of the PC via the port of Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. For starters, Square Enix has released the first part of a trilogy of Lightning, through Final Fantasy XIII in the Online Store and Steam on October 9, 2014 last. You who do not play, can go to the official page of FF XIII Steam. Offer very tempting, given the price of the digital version is only $ 15. Unfortunately, the port turned out to be…


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Taisen! Bomberman Mobile released this year

Who is not familiar with Bomberman? This classic casual games will be full competitive mode, where players have to adjust their strategies to beat each other by using a bomb. Dirlis last Bomberman game for XBLA in 2010 ago. It has been almost five years hiatius, Konami finally announced that there will be mobile Bomberman game that will be released in the winter of this year in Japan. Bomberman mobile game is titled Taisen! Bomberman, will soon be released for iOS and Android.



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The King of Fighters XIV games is announced

It has been almost five years since The King of Fighters recently released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and it looks like SNK Playmore aware if they have to immediately give the sequel. Ahead of the TGS 2015, officially confirming SNK Playmore The King of Fighters XIV exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Confirmation is held in conjunction with Press Conference 2015 SCEJA (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia). Not much is revealed in addition to the first trailer and some…


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Benefits of drinking water before exercise

Benefits of drinking water on a regular basis for health and beauty was indisputable. Recent research shows that drinking water before meals can help you lose weight.

Study experts from Virginia Tech, USA revealed, the women who run the diet program capable of lowering an average of 2.7 kilograms more weight if drinking water two or three cups a day before meals. This research has been tested for 12 weeks in 48 adults aged 55 to 75 years, were divided into two groups.

The first…


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Getting a Smaller Waist

As we get older and less mobile lifestyle, waist size was gradually widened as a result of fatty deposits. For those of you who want to get rid of fat around the waist, a little change in the daily activities turned out to be a big influence on the waistline.

They are more often rose from his seat, about 1,258 times rise from sitting in a week, has a size of pants two times smaller than their more sedentary, which is about 99 times the break sitting in the same period.



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Allison Road, silent hills successor

After the cancellation of the release of Silent Hills thanks dismissal by Konami Hideo Kojima-which is still trying to exist in only two of their remaining franchise: Winning Eleven and MGS- many gamers, especially gamers horror, felt disappointed because most games they've been waiting now can not played. Well, a British indie game developer, Lilith Ltd., appeared and tried to console gamers with the games they create entitled Allison Road.

For those of you who do not know, Allison…


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Concrete street

Came to check out Aaron Lewis tonight. Updates after show!!

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Transformers: Devastation story mode gameplay

In addition to Game of the Year Edition of a game, players usually look forward to the presence of other remake edition, the Definitive Edition. It is different from the essence of both. If GOTY Edition DLC package the usually just been released and sell them at a cheaper price than if bought separately, the Definitive Edition usually more specials offered. Start all the DLC in a bundle package the new price is also not cheaper, as he had done Square Enix through Tomb Raider, or there are a…


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Drop Zone, new mode in Star Wars Battlefront

Lime, Ronan, Elesis, Arme, Lire, is a group of selected elite team of Kanab and Serdar Government whose mission is the pursuit special. In keeping with the name of the game, Grand Chase M, pursuit is to defeat the evil wizard who had teased KazeAaze world peace.

Using tactical RPG theme, you will play five characters in the first team, who have special abilities to destroy the enemy. Designed with an attractive 3D graphics and effects are also interesting skill, Grand Chase M should…


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The right food accordance of your age

In each stage of life, the body turns require different nutrition to be productive throughout the day. Find the right food can be an injection of energy fit your age and family.


- Eating meat steak at least 3 times a week, especially for girls. Meat provides iron that is most easily absorbed by the body, it would be very good if taken during the menstrual period. Enough iron very well to support the health and future growth.

According to the National Diet and…


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Mighty No 9 released web games

Perhaps many were disappointed because the game made by Keiji Inafune, entitled Mighty No. 9 is backward release until the first quarter of 2016. This could happen because there are still bugs that interfere with the game. Before we know that the series Mighty No. 9 this will be a series of nostalgic gamers able to pull off the series before Keiji Inafune, Mega Man. But apparently the developer, Comcept, providing a web-browser game, entitled Mighty No. 9: Ganbare Beck! (Mighty No. 9: Go For…


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