what is your favorate band Staind has toured with?

what band opening for Staind do you think was the best?

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seether =)
I agree with Zoe, definitely Seether!
Agreed. though I would have loved to check them out back in the day when they toured with Cold and Godsmack.
Definitely Seether.
Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace!
I'd have to say Seether. Of course when I went to the Greensboro, NC show, I was there for Staind, but I ended up fucking my voice up singing Seether, but my favorite time at a Staind concert is trying to finish Mudshovel without dying :D
unfortunately seether was playin with Staind but the show I went to they weren't there so I would have to say Shinedown
Seether and Papa Roach!!!!
but for real i would have to say COLD or SEVENDUST
Would have loved to see them with sevendust missed that tour. I hate seether again just my opinion. But I would have to say opening band would be papa roach.saliva, or cold. But I saw them open for godsmack and that was awesome.
recently: Seether
would've LOVED to see them with: cold

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