Topspin / Aaron Lewis The Road disaster

I 'finally' received my 'pre-order' of The Road today.  All of the packages were supposed to come with an autographed copy of The Road....mine was sealed and unsigned. 

Anyone else have this problem?  How can we contact Topspin, they seem to not have any contact info published or at least I can't find it


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whoa...i think next time i'll blow first before i post...LOL

spidermonkey said:

reality...i don't need a SIGNED fuckin CD.

spidermonkey said:

i mean...seriously.  do you have no weight, no pull, no care or no concern in...the WHAT THE FUCK?

Has anybody got there signed cd yet? Or has anybody heard anything I emailed them Sunday and still haven't got a response.

Oh wow, so I'm not the only one having problems too!?
I have not yet got any CD at all! It will be 1 month tomorrow since the album came out and still NOTHING! What is the point of ordering a presale album to get it over a month after the release date? And now reading all the other responses to learn that people are now starting to get the album and its unsigned too? What a joke! 

What also bothers me is that it states that it comes with a digital copy of the album but I'm not able to even download that! I supported by buying this album as Staind/AL is my #1 band and I had to illegally download the album to actually listen to it, how sad is that! Hope Aaron Lewis and the boys use a different company then this bullshit TopSpin crap for future releases!

just got it.  it's not signed.  what the WHAT?

So one month after the release date I FINALLY got my presale cd today! ALSO NOT SIGNED! This was a total scam...

Very very disappointed! I could have got this cd a month ago on the release date for $10 bucks at Best Buy but I decided to chose the presale option which was more expensive but my thought was if I bought it directly from Aarons website that he would get more of the funds rather then buying it from a store. It was also a treat that it was supposed to be signed. This was TOTAL BS!!!

i think its safe to say we should never order the presales again, i got screwed with the last staind album and like lisa really had to fight to not order the presale this time. it was more convienent for me to drive to a different country and buy it as its not for sale in canada. sorry u all got screwed, lesson learned i hope

Lesson Learned... pun totally intended.

I received my unsigned sealed cd last week and today I got my signed booklet so hopefully they have all been sent out. But I don't know if I'll ever pre-order again. I've preordered all the staind albums and both of aarons albums since the illusion of progress and never had a problem with it, but having to wait a month for something that should have taking 4-5 days is crazy.

To add what Steve said, I got an email from Topspin today stating the following:


We are very sorry you're experiencing continued issues with your presale order. Our fulfillment agency has informed us that ALL orders are in route or should have already been delivered. We'd like to let you know that a CD jacket for "The Road" featuring Aaron Lewis' signature is now being mailed to you as well. It should arrive at your mailing address by the end of next week. 

We understand how frustrated you must be and offer our sincerest apology for the delay.  Please find a complimentary redemption code and link below to download the exclusive bonus tracks for “The Road” for all your troubles. Just click the link and then click on the image on that website. Enter your redemption code when prompted and click download.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and we will do our best to assist you. If you have not received your order or if your shipment was not complete, contact us at Thank you, and again, we are very sorry. 


-Team Lewis



I will admit finally getting some honesty from them I feel a bit better. Was very cool to get 5 bonus tracks as well. I am looking forward receiving the signed cd sleeve as promised. Hope this clears up some of your troubles. Signed Sleeves are on their way (hopefully soon)!

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