Topspin / Aaron Lewis The Road disaster

I 'finally' received my 'pre-order' of The Road today.  All of the packages were supposed to come with an autographed copy of The Road....mine was sealed and unsigned. 

Anyone else have this problem?  How can we contact Topspin, they seem to not have any contact info published or at least I can't find it


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i just got my UNSIGNED copy an hour ago and have sent topspin a somewhat pissed off message. i already bought the album in the store because i couldnt wait any longer for it to come in the mail and now its not even autographed which was the sole purpose of preordering it. so now i got 2 copies. im just waiting for some nonsense fine print about "while supplies last" or something.

How did you message them?  Do you have any contact info or was this via the site?

As much as I wanted to pre-order the album and it killed me not to...I'm glad I went with my gut after the Staind pre-order disister. Sorry u all got fucked again =/

contact b.b.b. and tell them u did not get what u payed for and they can most likely get your money back. also call your credit card co. tell them same .

Yea, I didn't want to resort of disputing with my CC.  I found the messaging system on the site, so I'll wait and see if they respond first.  I'd rather have what I ordered.  Like John said above, they are gonna pull some BS about 'while supplies last'



The same thing happened to me yesterday new and sealed cd no signed copy, when I messaged them last week if my order had shipped they sent a email saying that not all items were coming in the same package. So I'm going to wait a couple days to see if the signed copy shows up before contacting them. If they should email you something different please post on here to let me know.

Anyone have any luck? I've sent two messages to the two different 'contact' areas I found.  The phone number I found is only a VM and the number listed with the BBB is 999-999-9999. 


i order on 10/24/12 still  have not got cd singed or un singed thats why i email bbb topspins a joke , never again

got my unsinged copy today what a joke this is. got it 25 days late and not what i was told i was going to get.  free meet and greats for ever one that got screwed .  yeah right

joe said:

got my unsinged copy today what a joke this is. got it 25 days late and not what i was told i was going to get.  free meet and greats for ever one that got screwed .  yeah right

Well, at least -something- showed up.  Where / who told you we would get free free meet and greets?


Use TopSpins online forum to submit your claim that you didn't get what we ordered

W, your feedback's definitely appreciated man, but be sure that you put your replies ABOVE the quoted text, otherwise your posts look like they're simply quoted text from someone else.

Anyways, I'm sorry that this happened to you guys. I guess I did well by playing it safe and ordering online from Best Buy - $9.99 + free shipping, and it arrived on the release date. I'll be sure to steer clear of Top Spin in the future though. I hope you guys get compensated somehow for all of this.

still waiting...not breathlessly though. mutha fuckassss.

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