Ticket Presales for Aaron Lewis Solo Shows?!?!

Anyone in the Dysfunctional Fan Club know if ticket presales have started for the February Aaron Lewis Solo Shows???

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AC pre-sale started today
for both shows? is anything good still available?
i got mine right at 3pm, got front row. when i went back to check for more, they were all sold out in 5 mintues
I just looked not 5 minutes ago and heres whats available.....only VIP tix available for the 2/13 show, 2nd row. On 2/14 regular tix are available in the 7th row, and VIP that night are available, 2nd row.
how much are VIP tickets?
$150 each plus fees....ours were 165 total for the vegas, henderson and reno shows...but hell you actually get to meet the man himself for that price...which is in itself priceless!!

maestro said:
how much are VIP tickets?
Does anybody know if VIP tickets are available for the Verona show (Feb 12) at Turning Stone?
to see what is still available just log into the fan club site...but yes they have vip tkts still available for the early and late show. early show has stage tables (table 4 to be exact) left and late show has the same. i just logged in and did a quick pick of seats and thats what it gave me, so at least you have an idea.

Aaronmovesme said:
Does anybody know if VIP tickets are available for the Verona show (Feb 12) at Turning Stone?
I just purchased two VIP tickets for the late show. Stage table 4. Thanks for helping out SteFanie!!
I am so excited to finally meet Aaron =) Only 91 more days!! LOL
any presales for mohegan 2/5 yet? doesn't even look like they have it on their schedule. what's going on with that? i am worried, as usual, that i missed something.
i'm new... sorry. i was looking for vip tickets for the 2/25 show at the horseshoe casino. couldn't find anything anywhere. and i mean anywhere. is there any other way besides joing the fan club that i can find out more information?? i have never actually made it to a staind concert yet, even though they were here in july, 5 miles from my front door. (boo!) any information on how to find or get my hands on some vip tickets would be GREATLY appreciated.(like anyone on this website wouldn't feel the same.) lol. Thanks!!! ;p
Does anyone know when more of the solo dates are going to be added? Saw Aaron last yr in Clearwater , FL and it was awesome, hope he comes back!!!

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