probably not the best place to talk about this since i'll get some bullshit responses, but it would be nice to talk to someone about it and get it out (we need an off-topic section to this forum!)

in one of my classes we were assigned to make a database on microsoft access in groups. here were the stages of the project: come up with the idea, present the idea, work on part 1, work on part 2, finish it up and submit it.

let me start by adding my group was me, another guy, and 2 chicks...
to come up with the idea we communicated strictly through email for ideas. the guy in the group said he has the perfect idea and that he would write it all down and junk. we were like okay cool. then there were sign up sheets to pick a time to present the idea. the guy in our group picked a time and told us all what time he picked. i noticed i had class at the time he picked and told him so. he said "it's cool, only 2 members are required to be there anyway so we'll be fine." i said okay cool. so next we were to work on part 1 of our project (keep in mind we had 1 month to do this project.) we kind of didn't talk about it for about a week and then i get a text while i'm at work from the guy (matt) saying "hey i forgot to save part 1 to my flashdrive, could i meet up with 1 of u to get it?" and i texted back "wait what?? we met up to complete part 1?" and he said "yeah earlier this week, i thought i texted u to meet up." (but i never got the text) AND i have these texts saved for proof...

anyway, so then we started work on part 2 and i was there for 3 times we met up. it was basically one of the girls and matt on the computer doing the work. me and the other chick just sat there because with a project like this it's hard to work as a group. it's like only 1 person can be doing something at once. any time they came up with a problem everyone would try to help, including me. well by that time part 2 was over and completed...

for the last part of the project, the group scheduled 2 days to meet up. one of which was during time i had classes. the other time was during time which i had to be at work. i told matt this and said "why cant we meet a different day" and he texts back "because those are the only times we can all meet up." and i texted back "well i cant, i have prior obligations (i.e. class,work)."

soo after that didnt hear back from the group at all.. assumed they submitted it and everything. then i get an email from professor after we all take the final and it says "i need to meet with you about your database project in my office tomorrow"


... so i'm assuming one of them told him i didnt do much (probably matt because he's 28 yrs old and thinks he's the smartest mofo ever.) the project is worth 18% of our grade and i'm really concerned at what is going to happen. in all honesty i did what i could do and the rest was either done without my knowledge (individually, by matt) or done when i couldn't meet up (because of school/work.)

i'm not quite sure if our professor is going to buy what i have to say and if he is going to dock my points at all. i feel like as long as i give him the same explanation (which is the truth) with proof of the texts and proof of my school schedule and proof of "you can call my boss and ask him my hours" that he'll understand. plus, in every group theres always 1 person who doesn't do as much- thats just how groups always work. and to my offense, IF i did slack the shit out of the project on purpose (which i didnt) nowhere on the directions does it say the work must be split equally.. and how can he prove i didn't do much on the project? just from matt's word of mouth he's going to dock my grade??

so yeah, i'm pretty much freaking out right now at how this is going to go.. meeting is tomorrow at 9am. i have 2 finals left this week and i cant even concentrate on anything because of this sitch. i'm thinking if he tries to take a huge chunk out of my grade then i will demand a meeting with the dean involved or a meeting with the other group members there too. i tried texting/emailing matt as well as the girls in the group saying "hey mark(prof) emailed me and wants to meet up about our project. do you know why? did he email you?" and no response. so im thinking they are trying to fuck me over.

-didn't do as much on project as other group members because it was either done individually or i had work/school at times where most of us could meet
-got an email from prof saying he needs to see me in his office tomorrow
-hoping my situation, explanation is legit enough to not get docked points
-if major points docked, will ask for meeting with the dean of the school of business.

fuck this shit.

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Since this posted on 12/15 and you said your meeting was "tomorrow at 9:00 am" any advice I would have given you is useless now....but out of curiousity what happened when you met with the professor? And btw, NEVER trust someone else to do work that will carry your name and reputation without first having final approval on anything that is submitted. Just a life lesson not only in school but at work or anything else you put your name to. PS. I have been reading a lot of the the posts the last few days, you seem like a really intelligent guy so I am hoping it worked out ok for you.

That's fucked up dude!!!!  Sorry to hear about that!!  People can be so shady!!! 

Good Luck!!!!  :)  Let us know what happens!! 


Hope you get fucked bro! Merry Xmas!

'twas a 45 minute meeting with my professor and one of the lead professors of the accounting staff... they docked 50 points off the project. if i had received the same grade as the rest of the group i would have gotten a B- in the course, instead i got a C.


pretty pissed off, but glad it is over with. i'm happy they didn't take more points off than they did because they scolded the shit out of me and made me feel horrible about the situation. yes, i know i needed to pull my own weight, but terrible scheduling and time conflicts didn't allow me to do that. when explained to my teachers they said i needed to contact them and they wouldve assigned me an individual project. whatevs.


it just really pisses me off that the group didn't say one thing to me about it and went on like everything was all good. even when i said i couldn't make it to some of the meet times they were just like "it's okay."


the thing that sucks the most is that i need a certain GPA among my accounting classes (since that is my major) and currently i am RIGHT at the cutoff. I have 3 remaining accounting classes before i graduate, so this puts a lot of pressure on my to do well in those classes in order to obtain the required gpa  (wish me luck!)



and thank you jennifer :)

Not going to wish you luck... going to wish you the will power to put in the work to earn the good grades.  You get what you put in.

Matt sounds like a prick that is trying to get laid. Fuck him and those bitches.  Hope you get through your other classes with A's.

luck! (but I know you don't need it, you'll do great)

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