I was wondering, with the Dysfunctional Fan Club M&G passes, what exactly goes on at an M&G? What I would want, if at all possible, is a picture with myself and Staind or Aaron, my copy of Tormented signed by Staind or Aaron, and if possible, a 30 second conversation. If I wasn't able to get M&G passes, would a radio station M&G be any different? Also, if I couldn't get any M&G pass, how would I go about trying to see them after the show?

Any help would be appreciated :)

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Met them in Kansas City. We lined up (only about 8 of us) they came through and signed autographs and then they let us take individuals with the band and then gave us about 5-10 minutes or so to just chill with them and talk, take more pictures with indivudual band members and sign other stuff (like your tormented cd). It was a very cool experience worth every penny that was spent on it, in fact I also got m&g for the st charles solo show as well. Not sure if other m&g were exactly like this maybe others can share their experiences but thats what it was like in kansas city. Good luck!
what tyler said

very much worth it Aaron,you would love it
do it.
I"m gonna be doin my 4th m&g in feb. and I'll tell u what. It's worth it everytime and it's the only way to go now!!
yeah, it's pretty much the only sure fire way to get official meet and greet. Some shows have radio contest meet and greets, but I've always done it through the fan club. DEFINITELY WORTH IT.

Mason said:
So the only way to get m&g passes is by being in the Dysfunctional Fan club??

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