so i was scrolling through ebay to find some staind merchandise, and i stumbled across an old 2005 membership package. of course i bought it, but i found out THAT STAIND MIGHT BE GETTING BACK TOGETHER. i love aaron lewis with a passion. hence why i bought the closest tickets to see him in little rock on the 18th (just a few days after his birthday ;).)

i don't think anyone who knows me in real life understands the importance of staind and every single person involved with the band. i think about them more than i think about ANYTHING. i'm over here buying their 14 year old (holy shit) dysfunctional fan club packs like crazy, and there's not a thing i wouldn't buy of theirs if i had all the money in the world. 

aside from me crying and whaling like a seal over their possible end-hiatus, i'm really excited to see aaron play. he's been walking out on shows because of how disrespectful the crowds are, so i'm hoping my show won't be displayed on the news with some bullshit headline. speaking of that, it was kind of fucked up for iheartradio to say he was being racist. go find someone else to fucking pester, pricks. 

i hope everyone is doing well and are still inevitably in love with staind. i'm considering on getting a tattoo of theirs once i save up the money. let's hope i don't die before i get the chance. love u guys. 

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aaron says that staind might be back next year. i hope that's not just drunk talking, i realy do.

i realy love staind even though they've never been to my country, and i envy everyone that ever been to their show.

but yet, if i saw them live again on youtube, or buy their next album (if theres going to be any next album), i'll be very happy.

of course i'd love to see Jon Wysocki back, but even if not than, hell.. i would still love them.

again sorry for my bad english, and even though loving Aarons solo career, i'm keeping my fingers crossed for them to be back.

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