So i just heard some bad news its not comfirmed but the source is some one deep in the ranks of clear channel so i trust it. i was not given any reasons but this is a sad day for all long time fans like myself local to stainds home town. if you have heard anything about this post it!

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clear channel dont exist anymore mate,thier under the Live Nation umbrella

no offence,but i dont believe this,unless the band confirm it themselves
clear channel live nation regardless of the name a friend of mine is a program director for them. he told me that he is going to ask their lable about it. I'm not trying to start rumors. I hope it's not true either!! ive.been a fan of stiand for a long long time. when he finds out more ill be the first person he calls. i just wanted to see if anyone else had heard anything
I just watched an interview with Aaron at the download festival, saying that after the tour he's going to record his solo album, promote that, then they'll work on the next Staind record. That was only a few days ago. Doesn't sound like breaking up to me.
Staind singing some christmass songs thats an album i would buy for sure
highly doubt it.. good troll thread though
We will see what happens. I do hope that it's not true. I'm going to close this discussion when I find out more I will be sure to post it.


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