January 21, 2013 - #21 -

This Is It vs. Take a Breath

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HUMMM...thats a good one.....this is it..

Definitely a tough (good) poll..... Take A Breath takes it for me!

Not too keen on both tracks,but i'll go with this is it.

My vote: Take a Breath, which ties it up at 2.

i like them both about the same

Not really difficult..Take a Breath

take a breath

This is it. Not very into very much off the new album. Lots of heaviness but lacking in the intricate lyrics that made me a staind fan to begin with. Not that this is it is a lyrical masterpiece but if I wanted to hear heavy staind I'd put on tormented or dysfunction.

Well I haven't been on here for a while....but fuck it here goes....Take A Breath ...any day....next question...


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