Kinda a bummer to me.... I don't love it like the other 4 songs we've already heard.... but hey, we have half the album, if you count Aarons acoustic version of that other song.


On another note, I have the entire Bristol TN 7/16 acoustic show on Audio, and I met Aaron after the show! Coolest night of my life by far!

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You're totally right!

spidermonkey said:
this album is like "an old freind" and fresh all at the same do they do that?!!!
Austin: have you changed your mind at all about the song after listening to it a few more times and letting it sink in? Or are you still not feelin' the paper wings?
Like Adam said, a few listens made a huge difference, it's still number 4 for me out of the songs released, but that's just because I LOVE Not Again, Eyes Wide Open, and the Bottom. This album is gunna be rock album of the year, I can almost guarantee it
In terms of awesomeness? Most likely. In terms of sales? Negative. I'd be impressed with 50K sales in the first week and overall sales that surpass TIOP. I could be very wrong about this, but that's just the way it is with "post-grunge" bands that don't stick to a radio-friendly formula (e.g. Creed, 3DD, Nickelback, etc).

Austin said:
This album is gunna be rock album of the year, I can almost guarantee it
I will admit, in terms of sales, it wont top Bieber, Gaga, etc... In sales, I doubt it will be #1, in Guitar World Mag, I think it will be number one.

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