Kinda a bummer to me.... I don't love it like the other 4 songs we've already heard.... but hey, we have half the album, if you count Aarons acoustic version of that other song.


On another note, I have the entire Bristol TN 7/16 acoustic show on Audio, and I met Aaron after the show! Coolest night of my life by far!

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I love this song! This album is just going to be amazing.
i like it. Intro is sweet
I think Something to Remind you will be like Intro or Epiphany, not much too it, but really good. I LOVE blasting Not Again, the Bottom, and Eyes Wide Open through town, sounds really good in my car

I like the new song.  I think I like the other 3 better, but that is not a shot at Paper Wings.  All 4 of the songs so far are just massive. 

yes i do own Tormented & Dysfunction.. like dysfunction.( thats when i became a Staind fan).  own all the other cd also, i do like 'Not Again alot because its heavy but not too too heavy. Eyes wide open is pretty good,  The Bottom is just 'meh' to me, The new song 'paper Wings', i liked the title but then i listened to the song and i did not like it at all. i don't know maybe I outgrew staind or the other way aroud...
Definitely feeling the chorus and guitar riffs

no way man thats a good song 


i got it at #2
it doesn't sound anything like aaron has dun b4 thats the best thing about it he just took it to a whole nother level

this album will be epic


wow,its amazing what a few more listens to a song can do ha ha....i really am digging this track : )

this album is like "an old freind" and fresh all at the same do they do that?!!!

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