who the hell is otan vargas i keep on hearing this name throughout this forum is the guy really that good?

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yes he IS that good...he is absolutely amazing! you should look him up on youtube
Otan is awesome!!!!
yea, look him up on youtube. if you like calm music you will most likely like him.
hes incredibly talented
Otan is a very talented singer and songwriter, He was just called onstage by Aaron at the Feb. 14th solo show in A/C...
I agree... Otan is great! He is quite talented!
Pixie said:
StAiNdNy said:
Dude you should research before you post. The man is awesome.


Double Exactly
repost what you think AFTER you've caught up with him...
i find it hard to believe you are on the board and have no idea who the 'hell' otan vargas is. wow!
otan is great, i love his original songs aswell,
Otan (AKA) Oron is the shit! haha! I like the Oron name hehe!
Just so you know, this wasn't posted by "The" Jason...LOL!

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