ok so I see a few people saying the crowd was "LAME" well I guess sitting in front of your computer watching a live stream you my think that. I was there and the crowd was far from lame, there were 3 mosh pits going at one time and crowd surfers like crazy. The crowd was singing every song played and when Aaron asked us to sing we were loud as fuck, singing his words back to him.


There were many issues with the equipment not working properly n Mudshovel was a big ol mess...Aaron forgetting the words to the songs made me feel like I was at one of his solo shows...haha! Johnny A. was on it for the whole show, Mike's guitar amp or whatever came out so he lost his feed, Sal did a damn good job, yeah he missed a few beats here n there but overall he is an amazing drummer. 


The show was for a good cause, it was a sold out show n made over 40K... Woot!

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Yeah, that was basically my response on FaceBook to the very surprising claims of some stream watchers' saying the crowd was lame.  Along w/the 3 pits, constant crowd surfing (including a guy in a full suit lol...loved that!), I was SHOCKED that most seemed to already know all the new songs, alreadt, singing along (particularly to "Something to Remind You," as if it were "Outside").  They couldn't hear or see that on the stream, but man, it was a great crowd!


haha Raina I remember in 2006 at Roseland there was a lady who was crowd surfing in her business suit, skirt, ruffle blouse n pump heels...NY is hard core like that yo.

Was it Roseland?  I remember her, but thought it was Lupos (in RI).  Maybe she came to both.  Or else, there are at least 2 hardcore professional chicks that come straight to the shows after work lol.

Yeah I think it was 2005 fall brawl tour
Yeah, I don't think I was traveling for the shows until 2006.  So, it must have been another chick I saw dressed like that.  Now, I'm even more sure it was Lupo's, 'cause I'm pretty sure it was the show Fred Durst came out to re-do Outside w/Aaron.
just rub it in our faces for the ones that wasnt there why dont ya .lol

Yeah aaron forgetting some lyrics threw me off a bit, esp paper wings. I thought Sal did just fine. But yeah you could tell through the stream online something was up with mike's amp. Also I know several people had said they didn't feel "the bottom" translated well to a live performance, and based on watching it on the internet I have to agree. Did it sound off at the concert?


I'd also like to say I LOVE the idea of opening with mudshovel! It took me by surprise and I love it.

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