For those of you who remember me on the old Staind board, as the one who tabbed out all the guitar tabs everyone asked for, posting Staind guitar-cover videos, and being in a band Black Garden with our fellow Staind board member Kyle (Who is serving our country right now), I have some new music. I also used to do music with beloved Harrison "Flaffy" Preston in a band called Toke and Lust. I've been sitting on a whole lot of ideas that I am finally recording.

So, for those of you who liked the music I did before, or the lyrics I used to post along with the amazing wordsmith Brian, here's the first of many songs I will be bringing out. I'd love and appreciate any feedback and I thank you all for your time. Take care my fellow Staind family.

Also, hopefully sometime in the near future I may be doing a song with Otan, so keep a look out for that as well!


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Very cool man.  I especially like the chorus guitar riff and the effects and leads.

Thanks brother, I appreciate it! Long live SoI! 

Pretty good voice man!

Thank you! I actually hated the verse vocals so I just re-did it differently and put it back up. Also tried to level some stuff out.. probably should have done all that before I put it up =P

Better with this new verse vocals.You really kickass in chorus and bridge!

Thanks! Added a new song, I came up with everything the first 15 minutes I ever played a bass guitar. Something different.

Hey Erik, don't know if you remember me or not, but I did the cover of one of your songs on the old board, "The Silence Speaks for Itself."

It's good to see you on here as well. I'm currently at work right now, but I look forward to going home tonight and checking out your new stuff.

If you don't remember, sorry for making myself look like an ass. Be good man.


Of course I remember you brother, can't wait to hear your opinion. Take it easy!

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