CLICK HERE FOR Live Stream From 9/11 Benefit Show Tonight @ 9 PM EST!

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for you was SO VERY good...they can probably do that one in their sleep.

Nima said:

hahahahah throw it all away. a little miscue there...


i honestly can't even hear aaron's guitar? is he really playing it or is it just there for show? 


"that doesnt go on the ground motherfucker" haha




on paper wings see how much better it is when he doesnt stand there with a guitar! fuckin stellar (and again on For You)


I was so impressed and singing along with every song last night! Man Wannabe fucking Rocked I like how Aaron broke out before it played and he said I have a problem with people telling me what I can or can't do something close to that, and mike start shredding into that rift. I said oh shit! And Wannabe kicked off! GIVE IT A CHANCE PEOPLE I see a lot of people are saying they like it more after seeing it performed live last night so Kudos! Maybe it was the stream and sound but Mike playing The Bottom Rift really sounded off and Johnny singing along with Aaron didn't sound right either. I'm just saying what I heard on my end. Maybe it sounded different in the concert. Anyone? Everything else sounded great and awesome!!! I really enjoyed it thanks Guys Keep on Rocking!!!!!
so was i the only one who was surprised Aaron played Country Boy?.... sorry just REALLY didn't expect was cool and all just kinda threw me off lol
Yeah I agree see thru. Country Boy threw me off for the main reason it's Aaron's solo gig and I just sat here saying wow did he really just bust that out. But it was the 9/11 tribute and what better song could he sing that night? I also thought it was Awesome that someone threw the flag to Aaron and he wore it while he sang a song. USA USA! lol Alright I'm patriotic and I love our country as well.

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