Just wishing Aaron an early happy birthday......... 413

If u are reading this Aaron, just wishing u a happy b day early.   Love the new album, love the new covers.   So ready for some new Staind.   But hope u great day with Vanessa and the girls before u hit the road again for another stretch of tours.    Wish u were coming to Dallas....         

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Agreed! Happy early birthday Aaron. Wish for something good when you blow those candles out!
happy birthday aaron
Time out Aaron take a 24hour break and enjoy your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Happy Birthday Aaron!
Happy birthday bro
Happy Bday Aaron! They did a tribute to you on 104.5fm here in Philly Pa gave you a shout out and they played the cover of Jolene you did. I Told my workers to shut up while you sang they said Damn that's a great song!
happy bday bro.
happy birthday big guy

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