Well, it wasn't me, but someone on some other page (it was instagram i guess) noticed that Aaron is no longer wearing his wedding ring. :D
What do you think?

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 I forget to wear my ring sometimes. ESP if I'm doing something like going to the gym, or yard work. Any pics of aaron without it? Hope everything is OK. Must be rough on his family with him being on the road for the past 20 years.

A word of explanation from me - i'm not seeking for cheap revelations or something. I've been a hardcore fan of Staind for almost 20 years (though i've never seen them live, cause i live in Poland, where they've never been), and i was always seeking for what's going on with members of the band.
And one day i just saw someone comented picture on Aarons new solo album cover, it went something like 'wow, Aaron's officialy without his wedding ring'.

btw sorry for my english.

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