Have Extra Tickets for both Turning Stone Shows

Hey All, 

I have some extra tickets for the Turning Stone Casino shows both nights.

Not looking to make money. Face value only for Staind fans!

Taking a road trip with my BFF to the Casino for two nights both shows! (We are from Ohio)

Had a few friends going cant get off work so we have a few extra tickets if you or anyone you know needs tickets (both shows are about sold out a few single tickets only left) email me at


You can buy them from me at the Casino I can meet you there.

Can't wait!! 

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Yes that is exactly what started the discussion with Aaron. I was joking that I was too old for G.A. but it was way too weird for me at Turning Stone that everybody was sitting down. It was driving me absolutely crazy!!! Enjoy the shows! And I just found your website and was checking it out! Very cool!!! Let me know how the shows you go to are. Take care!


I'm too old for a festival that's why I sold my Rock on The Range tickets...No way can I stand all day at a concert. lol Right now I wouldn't last no more then 2 hours standing at a show, it's been a long winter sitting around doing nothing. lol My site needs to be updated, I've been slacking for the past few years. 

I just went to see Chevelle in Chicago, so not sure I can afford to see the show at Horseshoe, but it's me and my wife's anniversary on the 20th and I have dropped plenty of hints that I'd love to go for our anniversary.  She says she has bought a surprise for us.  Fingers crossed.lol

LOL crossing the fingers for you Ron!!! Hope it works out. And Lisa LOL at least I am not the only one that is too old for a festival. When I think Rock on the Range and all the festivals they are doing I am like no way, I just can't do it! I jokingly said at the meet and greet after we were talking about it that I promised I would go to a general admission show. Truth be told if one works out I might but I sure as hell would not be down front! I would be near the back watching thru binoculars! No way in hell I am gonna end up hurt again. I mean I love the band and all and can't stand a sit down crowd but I gotta come up with some happy medium. 

I wish they were doing more shows that weren't festivals. :( Really want to hit another show but limited on what is within driving distance and works with my schedule that isnt a damn festival! Sure would be nice if they added some dates to the tour but don't know if that will happen.

So tell me do either of you know the scoop with them? I love Aaron have always supported his music and have been to tons of his solo shows and with his country band now. Just love the dudes voice no matter what he is singing. Wasn't sure how I would like the country but honest to god it grew on me. Mostly because it reminds me of my dad who was my best friend. He died young and I miss him everyday. He was a truck driver I used to go on the road with him and listen to country music when we drove cross county and when the road came out it reminded me so much of the good times with my dad I was hooked.

That being said though, I really missed Staind and the heavy music. So I was excited to hear they were touring. But I hear so many rumours. This is the last time, they are breaking up, or they are just doing this short tour to see if they can get along again and write a new album and tour blah blah blah....don't know whats what.....

Do you guys know anything what have you heard???

I don't know anything for sure, but my take on it from the documentary and their chemistry on stage is that they don't necessarily get along great anymore.  Not sure if the band feels alienated by Aaron and his country direction or what.  I want so bad to believe that this little tour has nothing to do with money, but I don't know.  No new album, no real communication with the fans, other than a short blog video after the tour had already started.  Just posted some tour dates.  It seems that Aaron's country music is just way more important to him right now.  That's his choice.  I don't like it, but that is his path.  The one thing I do hope is that Aaron will use his country music as his way of doing the acoustic stuff and if Staind continues to make new music they will continue in the direction of their last album.  Just full on rock.  I love the last album and it's heavyness.  Love Aaron's screaming.  Give me more like Paper Wings, Take A Breathe, Eyes Wide Open and Not Again!


Most of all, if they continue on, I just want to see the passion.  If it is just a paycheck, don't do it.  Keep making albums with passion and play live with intensity.  I know I sound negative, so let me just say that I am certainly not giving up on them.  I hope that this short tour will rekindle something within the band and they can not only get along, but really love the music.  I saw them not long before their hiatus on Uproar two years ago.  They certainly did not look like they were just mailing it in.  They were heavy and very intense, so i still have never seen a bad Staind show.

Oh I don't see you as negative at all! I agree with a ton of what you are saying! I was thinking a lot of the same things.

I do support Aaron and his choices as a Musician and I do love his country music as well but deep down I am a rocker at heart. The country stuff reminds me of my dad though so it gets to me. The thing I missed the most was Aaron's screaming! I loved the last album. The heaviness the rock the screaming was kick ass awesome! I remember I posted a pic on facebook when Aaron was screaming during a song and put this is the side of Aaron Lewis I missed! However at the same time I wonder how much wear and tear ones voice and vocal chords last doing that? So maybe the country is his what he likes and if it helps his voice stay in place and helps him stay out in the public longer so we can enjoy his music then its all good with me but I will certainly always miss the Staind I used to see and the hard rocking heavy songs of yesterday.

Sure want nothing more than to see another album made and to see them touring now and then in the future, so I too hope this kindles something of that nature after this short tour, and yes if it is just about money, please don't do it. I have never seen a bad show either and Uproar was killer, but if it is about money and they don't get along eventually that will fade and I would prefer to keep the Heavy Hitting Staind I know and love fresh in my mind. Thank God the shows at Turning Stone were killer in my eyes and I wasn't disappointed at all. In fact with the meet and greets the staff at turning stone and the way all went down it was one of the two best nights enjoying staind for me ever. So if this ends up being their last tour and the last shows I see them do at least I went out with them with a bang with the two best nights ever and will always have that in my memory banks!

We shall see my friend...the future will tell....Good talking to ya! :-)

Good talking to you too!  This board has been so dead, nice to see a few people still passionate on here.  I have seen Staind 7 times and it never gets old.  Since you were at the two meet and greets, let me ask you, how were the guys?  I know it is for the fans, but did they interact with eachother at all?  Did you hear any interesting answers to questions asked?  Anything about the future at all?


Also, I have searched everywhere for a video of Home from that show.  You didn't happen to take any video did you.  I want to see it so bad!lol

The guys were great to us. Aaron did most of the interacting with everyone the other guys were pretty quiet and not much interaction between them. There was no tension or anything like that at all but they were just kinda quiet. And no, no interesting answers. I did take some video from the show. The only two that turned out good were Aaron doing an acoustic of his new song Mama. Then I recorded him doing Something to remind you. Love that tune. I have them up on my you tube channel if you look me up on You tube Tyger0105.

Talk to ya soon! :-)

I did look up those videos.  Very good quality.  Thanks for the info.

Sure thing!

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