Have Extra Tickets for both Turning Stone Shows

Hey All, 

I have some extra tickets for the Turning Stone Casino shows both nights.

Not looking to make money. Face value only for Staind fans!

Taking a road trip with my BFF to the Casino for two nights both shows! (We are from Ohio)

Had a few friends going cant get off work so we have a few extra tickets if you or anyone you know needs tickets (both shows are about sold out a few single tickets only left) email me at


You can buy them from me at the Casino I can meet you there.

Can't wait!! 

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Hey U were there Both Nights on 5/1 and 5/2 . Do U remember Set List from that night ..I went But cant Remember ALL the Songs they Played ... :(

Hello there! I just accepted your friend request on facebook. Yes I was right behind you in the meet and greet line.

So I just happen to have the setlist from the stage from 5/2. It pays to be a friendly drunk to the staff at the Turning Stone on night one! LMAO!!! I am not home right now. It is there and I will get it out and send you the setlist here or on facebook when I get there. :-) Talk to ya soon.


Thanks Gina !!!

You got it! Sent to your facebook wall! :-)

Could you post it on here? I've been so curious as to what they played and I can't find it anywhere!

Just posted it here for you. Go to members and type in my name and look at my profile the pic is posted there. I wanted to post to my profile so others in the community can see instead of it just being on this thread :-)

They didn't play "Home" from what a friend told me...He said he heard it during sound check, but they didn't play it during the show.  

Damn.  I hope they start playing it.

Guarantee ya they did play it cause I sang my heart out while they did it. LOL!!! It is one of my favorites and I remember how excited I was when I heard it. 

So they played Home on May 2nd? Holy Shit!!!! My bad! My friend went on May 1st, he is gonna be real mad when I tell him they played it during the 2nd show.   

LOL yep May 2nd Oh I forgot to tell  you that! I was there both nights and yes I think it was just the second night they played it. It was so awesome! Me and my best friend drove 7 hrs and stayed to see both shows and do both Meet and Greets. Aaron kinda scratched his head and was messing with us because we drove 7 hrs from Ohio and they are in Ohio way closer than a 7hr drive next week. But hey true staind addicts will drive 7 hours plus to see them! :-)  I told him I am too old for that general admission shit! LOL!!! Not really I love g.a. and mosh pits etc...used to do it all the time but had a bad experience once, got hurt pretty bad by some crazy ass people and kinda ruined it for me so I am scared shitless of G.A. now. So driving 7 hrs for 2 shows totally made sense to me! :-) We had an absolutely awesome time. Checking my work schedule and trying to get to another show before the tour is over. Hope I can pull it off somehow! So what shows you going too? 

That's awesome that u drove 7 hours to see them...The most I drove was 16 hours to see them NY to SC, the good ol days when they toured all over the place. lol I'm going to Mohegan on Thursday, VIP meet n greet =) I'm also trying to hit up the Atlantic City NJ show on Saturday. Yeah I love GA, sitting down for a rock concert is gonna be weird. Mohegan is sitting so I really wanna hit up that NJ show that is GA.    

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