For anyone that hasn't seen

Anyone else think it's stupid as hell that they go back and forth from him having a beard and then being clean shaven? 

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...yip... that's what you call a ten second shadow

Johnny was def the badass of the video! but the sound quality didn't seem very good. 

There were parts of the song/video that was studio quality, then other parts were recorded from live shows.

Bryan- that's not what I mean. When I play it, it sounds really muffled. Like bad quality youtube sound. I'm assuming it's not the same for everyone since you didn't know what I mean haha. 

Please tell me this isn't the Official video! 

It is. Why??

Danny823 said:

Please tell me this isn't the Official video! 

They posted it on their FB page:

staind doing what staind does...what's not to love? 

Word! \m/

spidermonkey said:

staind doing what staind does...what's not to love? 

. Teens aren't glued to MTV repeatedly watching a cycle of music videos like they were a decade ago. I don't think MTV even has music anymore??? There is  no incentive to spend a significant amount of money on production of a music video that very few people are likely to watch. Especially with sales figures seemingly decreasing every year (especially in this genre).  That said, you made some good points in your post, especially about it kinda being the same video recycled. The video above was O.K. for when it was probably made In my opinion. I'm sure there could be some awesome shit coming out of fans brains with today's technology and equipment(if there were more Staind fans). But then I have always liked being a little different.   

- I resent how you imply if you like the video you are fickle. I like the video... so what

woah! he's not tapping the solo?!?! holy crap Mike is a god!

Jeez i love guitar camera's!

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