Kristina Taylor's Official Musician/Singer-Songwriter Thread

Welcome To Kristina Taylor's Official Music Career Discussion Thread:

Hello, my name is Kristina Autumn Taylor, lead vocals/singer-songwriter/musician of my solo acoustic-post grunge/acoustic-alternative rock singer-songwriter project, Princess of Lyrical Vendettas and lead vocals/singer-songwriter/musician/front-woman of my main band, Post Traumatic Empathy. I'm here to introduce you guys and gals to my music career, so that you guys can get updates, tour/concert information, blog entries, video uploads, etc., all from yours truly, me.
A lot of you know me from my old profile (now defunct) under the name hybriddysfunction, and I want to say that a lot has changed since that time when I originally appeared here. I've made a lot of mistakes, had a lot of successes and failures in my life, endured a lot of scars, heartbreaks, pain, suffering, tragedy, grief/loss of loved ones and friends, and so much more, that since that time I've spent alone focused on my music career to try to avoid the problems I was facing, eventually, it caught up with me. Now, I've since 2009, been on a 5-year hiatus due to personal issues/problems in my life, and in 2013, I released an compilation album called "1998-2009: The Underground Years", containing a shitload of demos and rough draft versions of original songs that never made the original cut, or songs that I've often had to re-record a lot to see if it'd fit, but never really ended up on any of my past albums, thus leading me to make an tough decision to pull down all past albums that I've done with my old lineup and my old band, before having gone solo with just an acoustic guitar, an piano/keyboard set and my harp, and revamping my old band with a new lineup, breathing new life back into the musical engine of my former main project, thus inspiring me to decided to revise all the old albums that I've done, and create something much more different, darker, deeper and more brutally honest than ever.

Some people had thought that I was either doing a "reboot" of my entire music career or "remixing" everything I've ever done, but they're dead wrong on that. What I'm actually doing is taking all the original lyrics, tweaking it up a wee bit with some wordplay changes and throwing out all the sheet music of every single instrument used on the original songs of all the albums and EPs, etc., thus allowing me to do some really great things with the music and lyrics I wish I had done years ago on all these albums and demos, etc. over the years. Now, before you automatically assume that all the albums are being "reissued", think again. I'm doing nothing of the sort related to rebooting, remixing, reissuing, etc. - so you can obviously throw that mainstream revamp bullshit "process" out the fucking window right now, because what I'm about to do with all of my music catalog, is much more different than anyone could have ever anticipated.

What you're about to see, feel, taste (maybe), hear and touch... is not only something entirely new, but something not many has been able to pull ever before in music history. All the songs, musical content, its lyrical content, etc. are being put together under new album names, new designs, new logos, new band name, new lineup, new everything. So I present to you, the soon-to-be-released, "The Dysfunctional Chronicles", a 3-EP prequel trilogy, consisting of 3 EPs, "Dysfunctional Roots EP", "Homegrown EP" and "Breaking Point EP", containing songs mostly about my beginnings, my teen years, my broken home days, my dark days, my personal problems, my political opinions (well, only one, maybe 3 songs has my political opinions on it, but anyway...), my relationship/breakup experiences, my high school experiences, my family violence/sexual assault/domestic violence issues, a song here and there about anti-bullying, etc., but that's not all. Whilst it covers at least most (or all) topics of everything that's happened to me from age 3 to age 21, I'm also going to follow up with the next 4 discs in one CD set. Think of it as the Star Wars Saga; you got Episode 4-6, right? Then years later came Episode 1-3, known as the prequel trilogy. Well, for me, it's the other way around. I'm starting with the prequel trilogy to get my fans hyped up for the long-overdue, highly anticipated return of my band with the new 4-CD album set, marking the end of my 5 year hiatus, but also documenting everything that's ever happened from age 21-25 and currently what's going on in my life as well. The album itself is currently untitled right now, but recording sessions has already begun, and it'll be taking me the rest of 2014 and all of 2015 and the first half of 2016 to complete every one of them and package them and ship them out to every store known to man all over, one at a time.

What I can tell you, since I'm not spoiling every dirty little detail (get your fucking heads back to reality, perverts - LOL) about the prequel trilogy and the original storyline-themed 4-CD album, that will follow up with where we've left off on the prequels, I can safely say this: it will really hit y'all so hard with extremely lethal dosages of truth, cold reality and brutally unbridled honesty of everything I've seen, heard, touched, smelled, tasted, felt, fucked, bitten, hit, pissed on, thought of, and lived through in 23 very long and painful and heartbreaking years, just to get to where I am today.
And I will be honest here; this is no concept album, or remix album, or a "reboot" of my music career we're talking about here. These are real life stories, real life experiences, real life tragedies and horrors, real life nightmares and daydreams, etc., so forget everything you've seen, heard or talked about from the news and your so-called sources; I'm revealing it all. Anyway, as it were, since I've just mentioned that the prequel trilogy will be the first to be released, its release date is most likely December 2014/January-February 2015, whilst I follow up with my first solo album in many years from my solo project, so that means a shitload of tours, festivals, concert dates, etc., from January 2015 to August/September 2015. Then it's back into the studio to continue more recording sessions for the follow-up to the prequel trilogy set with the 4-CD currently untitled album. However, during the recording sessions for the prequel trilogy, I will be performing open mic gigs and occasionally, whenever booked live concerts and festivals, whenever an spot is available during my solo efforts, and will be hosting auditions in-between said timeframe to find musicians to fill the permanent official band lineup for my new band, whilst I record the prequel trilogy with hired studio musicians and most likely will tour for the prequel trilogy with hired touring musicians or if auditions are complete at the time, then I'll be touring with the official new and permanent band lineup of my newly revamped band. And as for the upcoming tours/concerts that I'll partake in with the new lineup for January-September 2015, please keep in mind that I won't be fully booked for every single concert or tour or festival that's wanting to book me, since I want to be able to keep the touring/concert schedule as light as possible to give myself more time to keep working on the 4-CD album on and off in-between breaks in the studio, so there will be like 2, maybe 2 ½ weeks of tours/festivals/concerts that I'll partake in, then the rest of each month, I'll be back into the studio each break, just recording new songs and working the music and its lyrical content, and will do the same over and over again back and forth, doing recording sessions, touring, recording sessions, touring, etc., over and over and over again until finally, when all songs/lyrics/instrumental tracks, etc. are recorded, mixed, mastered, edited, produced and packed up and ready to send over to the post-production crew(s) to finalize all recordings/tracks, then we'll then do the artwork, packaging, lyric booklets, etc., and release it around 2016.

So with that in mind, you'll get the prequel trilogy and the 4-CD album from late 2014-early 2016, and about 2, maybe 3 solo albums from my solo project, and also, follow-up compilation albums, since "The Underground Years" compilation album inspired me to do what Linkin Park did, but different: I will release compilation albums in-between studio albums, containing demos, cover songs, live songs, rough draft style versions of original songs before the official original songs of any and all albums was finalized and released, etc., and it'll be dubbed, "The Underground Diaries", thus concluding the fact that each "The Underground Diaries" compilation album will be labeled with volume numbers (i.e., "The Underground Diaries: Vol. 1", "The Underground Diaries: Vol. 2", so forth, so forth, et certa, etc. - get where I'm going with this?). The thing is, whilst Linkin Park did their LPU sampler compilation albums since day one, containing live recordings, demo recordings, unreleased songs, blah blah blah, and made it specifically for the LPU members only, whilst many other Linkin Park fans couldn't get LPU memberships to get their hands on it (one such reason could be that they can't afford the membership or too broke paying bills, rent, etc. to be able to enjoy the LPU benefits, etc.), I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'm making each compilation album open and available for public access for all fans, not just my fan club members with paying membership cards and whatnot, so guess what? Those compilation albums will be sold for only $5.00 plus tax (since some big ass idiotic superstores often charge albums with the plus tax dollars, which totally sucks donkey balls, man!), but if you want to buy those compilation albums over the years directly from the source, come to my concerts, tours, festivals, basically anywhere that I perform at, meet me backstage (VIP passes need not be required, free Meet N Greet events for all fans, not just the fan club card-carrying members!), and buy it for only a flat fee of $5,00, no tax included at all! Cool, eh?

Same goes for any and all studio albums that I will release over the years; each album will have different prices, ranging from $5-$30 at the most, and with the stores carrying those albums and online stores carrying those albums as well, selling it with plus tax dollars, making it a wee bit extra than what you are paying for, anytime you wish to come to me as the direct source for much cheaper and tax-free albums, just show up at my shows and bring your cash. That's all you gotta do. Same goes for my merchandise, accessories, etc., basically anything I sell will be tax-free as well. And to make it easier for those who got debit cards, credit cards, etc., and not able to go to the nearest ATM to pull out some cash and losing some money based on ATM fees (fucking bureaucratic, greedy capitalistic assclowns!), I am offering tax-free credit/debit card purchases of any and all albums, merchandise, accessories, etc., with my Square App that comes with a credit/debit card reader, that will go directly to my bank account(s)/PayPal account, and it's that simple and dirt cheap, no tax included at all! Cool, eh? Eventually, there will be very high demand for the albums, merchandise, accessories, etc., so soon, I'll create an online store with the help of the ReverbNation team, making it easier for you to get tax-free goodies, directly from me with just a debit card, credit card and yes, PayPal money that's in your account(s)! And it's still cheaper and just the same as selling all my shit backstage at every gig/concert, tour, festival, etc., but minus the actual human interaction and personal musician/fan connections that you'll most likely miss over time. Well, the good news is, you don't have to do the online store stuff all the time; you can still show up backstage after every performance or in-between performances or pre-concert performance(s), to still have that personal connection with me and the band-mates, showing up with cash in your pockets, debit and credit cards as my fans, friends, family, brothers and sisters, and still have a good ol' time with us, hanging out, drinking beer, smoking a joint or two of goddamn good weed, BBQ-ing with the crew, enjoying some good food while washing it down with some Coronas, and just having the time of your lives with us while purchasing some kickass goodies from us, yours truly.

Anyway, after all is said and done come 2016, there will be a full year of touring at every concert, different kinds of tours and festivals, fundraiser music charity concert events, guest performances on a lot of TV shows (if we're lucky), performing at birthday parties, BDSM/Fetish/Kink dungeons/clubs/conventions/festivals, etc., other kinds of conventions/festivals such as PrideFest, Pagan Fest, even occasionally playing for a VampireFreaks event, etc., with my band and my solo project, then around November/December 2016, things on the road will start winding down and a new album will begin to be made in progress around early-mid December 2016 and half of 2017 (from January to June), whilst the solo project will too, also record another solo album as well, then come July/August 2017, we'll release the album(s), and tour again until January 2018. Then it's no more recording albums for the rest of 2018 from the main band, and maybe do some collaborations or remix stuff or live CD/DVD combo releases, etc., and whatever side projects that me and the other band-mates are involved with from anything to working with other musicians/bands/artists to porn to filmmaking to acting, to writing books to being on TV shows, to book tours to interviews to special guest appearances on reality/competition shows, etc. (you never know what we'll be up to over the years LOL), and since not only I am a musician/singer-songwriter, I also got my filmmaking/acting career in the independent film industry, my writing career as a writer/poet/author, my photography/modeling career in the Goth/Punk/Grunge/Metal/LGBTIQQA/BDSM-Kink/Fetish/Adult Entertainment scenes/industries and my activist career as a civil rights activist/educator for animal rights, human rights, LGBT civil rights, Native American rights, Black Civil Rights, Deaf/Blind/Disability Civil Rights, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault/Rape Survivor Movement, the Riot Grrl/Feminist/Humanitarian Movement, the BDSM/Poly/Kink/Alternative Fetish community, human trafficking/sex trafficking survivor movement, environmental protection, wildlife protection, anti-corporate pollution movement when it comes to oil, factories with toxic smokes that's destroying our atmosphere and ozone layer, endangered species protection, homeless queer youth movement, suicide prevention organizations and often working with anti-bullying organizations/campaigns as well, so yeah, I'm pretty busy often LOL.
So with that in mind, it will then lead me and my band and my solo project to make albums probably every two years or so, and when things are more stable and winding down a little more than usual, we'll be doing more albums than usual instead of the every 2-year album release limit, touring often, and still do other things as well until whenever we break up or end with a farewell album/tour and whatnot, thus leading me to focus more on my solo project, and possibly working with other musicians/bands/artists/MCs, etc. over the years, along with other projects/plans/goals/ventures that I will tend to such as my writing, photography/modeling, filmmaking/acting, activist, etc. careers, and much more until my dying day. That will often give my band opportunities to do occasional reunion tours/festivals once in a blue moon or so, but no new stuff and no new albums, etc.

So... in other words, welcome to this thread, whereas you can get all sorts of updates, blog entries from the following links I'll be providing, tour/concert schedule alerts, merchandising information of whenever we put out new gear/accessories, music video/album/single releases, interview dates/radio interviews dates, festival dates/updates, video style blog updates, studio updates, etc. (Solo project's official ReverbNation page) (My Official Musician Page For ReverbNation) (Official ReverbNation Page for my independent record label, which I am the CEO/Owner/Head of A&R/Head of Public and Talent Relations/Head of Audio Engineering and Studio Production of Dysfunctional Studios, so if you guys got a band or a solo project or know a friend who got a band/solo project, etc., have them contact me and my teams at to send us demos and whatnot to see if you got what we're looking for to sign to our label and so forth) (Official Solo Project Facebook Band Page) (Official Solo Project VampireFreaks Band Page) (Official Instagram Page of My Solo Project, My Band and Other Ventures/Projects/Careers, etc.) (Official Twitter Account) (Official Solo Project's YouTube Channel)

Will add more links to the rest of my music pages for my band soon.

Blessed Be, Namaste, Talk Hard and Rock Harder,

Kristina Taylor.

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