whats up with the rumors? all over this site and staind souls III that staind is breaking up...i watched the dvd and i admit it looked terrible but then again it could be for sales of the deluxe edition and they been together so long that shit aint peachy anymore....is there any deffinate stuff out there backing this claim up.

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It's all about the he said/she said bullshit....sorry I had to hehe!

"it could be for sales of the deluxe edition"



lol....ya sales of the dvd..yet they show it for free in YouTube

Myself, I just got depressed watching the DVD ... admit a couple of my posts weren't peachy, but I certainly don't know any more than anyone else ... isn't that sorta what we're here to do, speculate as Staind fans? :)


I'm sorry if any of my posts worried anyone ... but I was worried, myself. Just wanted to say that.


BTW - No, I haven't read anything substaintial to back up that the band might split. And I don't want to!!!!


Living in a tiny town - I'm certainly no fan of fucking rumours, either :)

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