I guess Staind isn't considered good music anymore because Rollingstone didn't even bother to review the new album what the F$%CK!  Never liked Rollingstone, but I wanted to see what they had to say about this album.  It is interesting that they have reviews for a tribute album to Buddy Holly, and reissued collections of Jimi Hendrix.  There are reviews of various Rap, Jazz, and artists that I have never heard of Blitzen Trapper, Neon Indian, Wild Flag, and Trombone Shorty I could keep going but I wont.  I am not bashing Jimi or Holly I happen to like them, but judging from past reviews from Rolingstone, BTC 3.5/5, 14SOG 2/5, Chapter V 2/5, TIOP 2.5/5, I would have liked to read what the so called music critics thought about this album.  More than likely it would have been the same as the last 3 albums.  It is always nice to read what the so called "experts" think about music.

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RE: "...he's sooo off base."


LOL They seem to have a 'gang-land' mentality on that review-board - even their id pics appear slightly antagonistic. I'm glad a couple of my buds tried to be the voice of reason over there, but there's nothing you can say to them to properly defend this album.


In my (and only in MY) opinion, these are the type of people who hate Staind because the band is just too good.


When Mr. Richardson decides to release a Billboard #5 record, I'll criticize it. ;)



RE: (my own quote) "there's nothing you can say to them to properly defend this album."


After paying one last visit to that review board tonight, I stand gladly corrected on the comment I published above. Thanks to whoever persisted in defending the album - your rebuttal brought a grin to my weary face.


There are definitely some kick-ass Staind fans roaming around on this board ... ;)


'Kay. Mr. Richardson's irrelevant review can rest in peace IMHO - 'twas properly beheaded.

exactly.....not really worth my time.........

CJ Meredith said:
BTW I would leave a post in that review thread if it was worth my time to register ;)

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