I don't know if there is anyone here anymore, but if so, and you watched that video:


you need a word of explanation. 
Because it's only half truth. 
The story happend at 'family values tour' with Limp Bizkit, Korn and other bands. But Aaron says that on that moment he didn't write the song yet. Well, it's not true. He wrote 'outside' in early 90' (92 or 93 im not sure), with the band JCAT (check it out on youtube). After that he didn't play this song for a long time. He played a part of Outside at Fred Durst house right after he put them into his record label (somwhere about 99 i think). And at the family values tour, he remembered only the chorus and chord progression.
So yes - he made up the verses, but in fact, he wrote the song a long time before that. So actualy there are two versions of this song - staind one, and JCATs one - check them on youtube, they're both awesome.

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