Aaron Lewis on LA Ink show. What season/episode is the actual complete tattoo done on?

Hey I was just wondering if any of you other Staind/Aaron fanatics happen to know what season and episode Aarons back-of-the-neck tattoo (with all of his daughters names on it) is featured on LA Ink? I saw a clip of it in one of the recent episodes my DVR recorded but it was so short and made me want to see the entire episode. I tracked down this - http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/style/body-art/la-ink-tattoo-pictures2... in my search on Google but when I downloaded the season 2 episode 12 I did not find Aaron on it so either the website is mistaken or I'm crazy haha. Anyway if you know which one it is I'd really appreciate the help since I've been unable to track it down on my own. Thanks!

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I saw that clip on one of the episodes. But that's just a clip of it. Is the entire tattoo from start to end not featured on LA ink? They have this picture of him talking to Kat about what he wants so I figured they'd show Aaron on the show for a few minutes not just this collage of celebrities and a few seconds of him in it.
I really don't remember if they showed more then that cause it would be posted somewhere if they did. God I'm old I would normally know this off the top of my head with checking into it, looks like I will have to check into it. Damn!

It's season 2 all's I can find is pics from it...



Well thank you for checking! I appreciate it and at least I know I'm not missing anything from when I tried to look.

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