How can this happen? Am I the first one to get the new album?
I preordered it from a danish website and the the album with mail today the 12. August!?!?
I'm really freaked out rigth now.
Well... Now i got the CD and now i want to hear Staind's new album!!! :D

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?? How is that possible?
you have the album?!

right, i need to check my local music shop asap being im in the UK

btw, dont spoil it for us :P
I dont know how this is possible, but i'm happy that i got it :)

Here is a picture of the cd,

I can say that it's sounds perfect. :D
This is unreal
:) I'm happy for you... Rainy Day Parade is ftw!!!
lucky you... guess most of us will have to wait till next tuesday.... *pouts*


I'm jealous lol
Me too, I'm jealous!
That's awesome dude! shit, I'm jealous haha
Wow, I wonder if he was the first!

I'm happy for you, man. But, yeah, jealous, too. lol

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