Look at these guys. There are no gold chains, no look at me signs and they dont want it. That's why they dont do the big shows. They do on the other hand deserve an award for being such a great band. But if you think about it look at the albums they sell this means they have a lot of fans that love them. So for the awards that they can put on a mantel and tell their Grandkids where they were when they heard they won does it matter? I know they have the platinum albums somewhere in their homes. Those are the stories I would like to hear if I were their Grandkids. "I played to 30,000 people, the roars and the people singing along to all the songs was mind blowing." Play on guys, we are all listening and singing along! Never heard a Staind song I didnt like and then love. I heard Believe on the radio a few weeks ago and the first few strums of the guitar I knew it was you so I cranked up the radio and once again you gave me chills. I called the radio station immediately to find out if the album was for sale yet and was bummed to find out it wasnt. So I went to this site and bought the song. I hope one day I get to meet you only to say thanks for the memories you make and bring back with your words. I know my world is better because of your music. Much love!!!!!!!!!!

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