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Thank You Lisa!! :-)

for some reason i cant play any of them?
Alexbot said:
for some reason i cant play any of them?
Did u click on preview?
yea I clicked on preview. Maybe its better i dont here it. I might go crazy if i dont hear the whole thing. Stupid apple computer.
oh yeah for some reason they won't work on a mac. A few fans couldn't hear them and they all had that bad apple. lol! sorry =(
I like what I'm hearing! I wish they were longer clips though :( "The Corner" sounds like its gunna be a good one. Ahhh can't wait, 9 more days!!!!!!!!!!!
I am only allowing myself one listen per song but wow that was incredible.
anyone try to buy one? do u get the song immediatly or u gotta wait til 19th? wont work for me either...stupid computer!!!
I'm so excited :D
Thanks Lee!

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