Are they taking Seether with them on the whole European tour?

Cause that would B amazing!

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no :(
Raymond13 said:
no :(
You know what dates they do take seether with them? I know of the Uk dates, any other?
Let's give this thread a little *bump*

If they're not gonna take Seether with them, then who's gonna support them?
i believe all of the german dates seether (and papa roach) are supporting them.
Woooot :)

They'd better do so for the show in Switzerland too.
which is ****** up.

sorry but I love seether 2
Seether is touring with Nickelback in february.dates in january are the last dates Seether will be touring with them.
Yes i've read it on the Seether site! Guess I have 2 sell my staind tickets 4 Tilburg then. anyone interested ?
no thanks.already have my tickets.why won't you go to Staind?
i love seether too and it kills me that they arent doing the whole run but unfortunately they were only available for the uk shows SORRY
lets hope nickelback dont run Seether over on tour!!!!!!
its probably a U.S tour, right? seeing as theyve just done Europe? i've had my fill of Nickelback!!!

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